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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1204 Your matter is not my business!

"The Ji Group does have many companies, but Pei Ge only wants to learn from you."


Pei Ge could not refute his words and was, thus, unable to continue her questioning.

"That's right, boss. Since you're so capable, I only want to learn from you. Given how much Ziming dotes on me, I won't be able to learn anything if I work as his secretary!"

Seeing that the knives were out between the two, the imposter quickly chuckled and mediated.

The atmosphere in the car only turned even odder once she said that.

"I really have no idea since when Mr. Ji found such a girlfriend. From my knowledge, don't you already have a fiancée? What now? Are you abandoning her?"

In a foul mood, she shot daggers at the man in the back seat through the rearview mirror.

Alas, the man remained expressionless despite her cutting stare.

In the past, when he still suspected that she was Pei Ge, he treated her in a special way.

Why did he not have any expression now, even appearing to be facing a complete stranger?

"She has never been my fiancée. There's only one woman who can be my wife, and her name is Pei Ge."

Looking up, Ji Ziming met her eyes through the rearview mirror, coldly yet fervently.

For a moment, she felt that those words of his were meant for her.

However, very soon, she understood that she was overthinking it!

"That's right, boss. Ziming and I are getting married soon!"

The imposter looked at her abashedly as her eyes brimmed with happiness.

She felt such a sight to be an eyesore.

He… actually intends to marry this woman?

W-Why is he marrying this woman, who looks exactly like me in the past…

Why? Just because her name is also Pei Ge and she looks… like my past self?

Her heart was in a mess.

"What's wrong? Boss, are you feeling uncomfortable?" The imposter inquired worriedly when she saw her face turning ashen.


She gave a smile that did not reach her eyes.

"Are you suffering from motion sickness? Why does your face look so bad?"

The other's worried questioning did not receive any response from her.

What had gone unnoticed to everybody in the car was Ji Ziming's lips twitching and his dark eyes anxiety with anxiety.

The car finally arrived at its destination amid this tense silence.

"Mr. Ji, we are here."

Pei Ge only returned to her senses at the driver's hoarse announcement.

When she got out of the car, the familiarity of this place caused her to… have the urge to cry.

Looking at this European-style house and its lush garden, as well as the old swing, she suddenly had the strong urge to cry.

This is the place where I grew up and homes many of my sweet moments with Ji Ziming…

This is my home…

"What's wrong, boss. Are you all right?"

Seeing her standing dazedly at the entrance to the house, the imposter frowned curiously.

She returned to her senses at the other woman's question. The man was next to her; she could not expose herself!

In the end, she realized that she overthought things when she turned her head around.

That was because the man was not looking at her; instead, his eyes were on the imposter. His eyes had never left her for even a moment.

Suppressing her complicated feelings, she smiled at the woman.

"Nothing. I just think that this beautiful house looks homely."

"Ah! You think so, too? This place is really beautiful; it's a gift for me from Ziming!"

The other happily hooked her arm through the man as her voice brimmed with happiness.

"…Is that so?"

Hearing that, Pei Ge's face froze.

This… was obviously her house—a present given to her by him…

She lowered her head in disappointment, and just as she was doing so, she did not see the man withdrawing his arm from the imposter's and frowning as though he disdained that arm of his.

"Let's go inside, boss. Ziming said that he wants to thank you properly today, so he prepared many delicious dishes!"


Reining in her emotions, she smiled and lifted her head before heading inside with this imposter.

Don't let your imagination run wild! Don't be bothered by this!

Although he identified the wrong person and now intends to marry her, that has nothing to do with you!

Regardless of what he does, it has nothing to do with you!

She mentally scolded herself and the complexities in her heart finally dissipated.


The moment the door to the house was opened, she felt as though she were transported back to the past.

Back to the sweet moments when she had signed that ridiculous contract with him and they started cohabiting.

"Boss, come and change into these slippers!"

She was stunned once more when she took the slippers handed to her by this imposter.

That was because this pair of slippers was the same pair she had placed in this house before she left.

Putting them on and walking into the house, she made the shocking discovery that this house's décor was still the same as five years ago…

It was as if she and he had never parted ways…

Yesterday seemed to be five years ago as time did not leave its mark here…

"The dishes are done, so let's head to the dining room."


Seeing this imposter acting like the mistress of the house, she felt as if she were dreaming.

In it, the past her and him were welcoming the present her… This was so ridiculous yet realistic… that she did not want to believe but had no choice but to accept this reality…


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