Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1205 You truly dote on your girlfriend.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1205 You truly dote on your girlfriend.

As Pei Ge walked into the dining room and sat down, she noticed that the table was filled with dishes.

Furthermore, these were all her favorites…

Looking up at Ji Ziming, she really did not understand what he was trying to do!

Did he really not realize that the other person was not her, or was he just using this woman to test her?

However, regardless of what it was, she was simply unhappy about this.

"Boss, go ahead and eat first; I'll go get you a bowl of rice."

The other woman stood up to get rice.

Watching her receding back, the memory of living with this man surfaced in her mind again…

At that time, she had never served him rice because he was the one to do it for her…

"What do you mean by doing this?"

With only the two of them left in the kitchen, she lifted her head to question him.

Following this, her heart became chaotic, and she thought, for a moment, that she had misunderstood everything—misunderstood what was between him and Qiao Jingyun.

Still, the moment she was reminded of that woman and this guy already having a son, she could only dismiss it.

No matter what the fact was, he did betray her back then, did he not?

Thus, she should just let bygones be bygones.

What else was there left for her to be uptight about him…

"I don't mean anything. I just want to treat you to a meal as a form of gratitude for taking in my… girlfriend."

His words made her lips twitch. She really did not expect that, one day, he would say such a thing to her.

"Then, there's no need to treat me to this meal as I don't agree to your 'girlfriend' working for my company."

She lifted her brow and smiled. Thinking things through, she realized that she need not ruin her mood with this trivial matter.

No matter what the truth is and regardless of what he is after, everything has nothing to do with me!


"No reason why. I just don't want others to meddle in a company I manage. Regardless of her ability, I won't want her. Furthermore, we have sufficient manpower in the company right now, so please arrange for your girlfriend to work in another company. All in all, pardon me for not humoring you."

She told him calmly and straightforwardly.

Having calmed down, she was much more terrifying than when she had lost her rationality.

"What if I say no?"

Seeing the calm and indifference on her face, the expression on his face finally changed albeit just slightly.

He gazed at her with his eyes as brilliant as the stars.

"My apologies. As long as I'm Minghao's CFO, all decisions there are within my control. If I say no, it means no."

She curled her lips coldly and crossed her arms as she leaned against the chair. She did all these while exuding an unspeakable aura.

An aura that said she was ready to take on the man right to the very end.

"Oh, of course. Given the Ji family's wealth, if you acquire our company and make your girlfriend the CEO, I won't make a sound, but just remember that I won't take this lying down."

As she said that, she stood up from her chair and looked down at him.


Hearing that, the man eventually spoke. "Are you detesting her or me?"

"What if I say both?"

She curled her lips into a smile. "Just kidding; I have no opinion about you two. You can do whatever you want as long as it does not involve my company."

She kept the polite smile plastered on her face.

"If there's nothing else. I'll take my leave."

Just as she moved to leave, she was stopped by him.

"Don't leave!"

Her forehead twitched slightly when she heard him stop her. She was about to say something, but the man beat her to it.

"Finish the meal before leaving."

She was stunned by his words.

What? Have a meal? She talked to him in such a rude manner, yet he…


Just as she was contemplating on a response, the other woman's voice disrupted the odd undercurrent between the both of them.

"Boss, your rice."

The time when she arrived was impeccable. Having intended to leave, she could only return to her seat at this.

"Have a taste of this sour fish soup; it's really delicious. In fact, it's my favorite dish."

Hearing the other's words, she was slightly stunned.

This woman actually liked the same food as her.

If she did not know better, she would really take this woman for her sister.

Harboring doubts in her mind, Pei Ge got herself a slice of fish using the chopsticks.

The very moment she put it in her mouth, her taste buds told her immediately that this dish was… made by the man.

Even though five years had passed, she could still remember the taste of his cooking as if it were just yesterday…

"How is it, boss? It's good right?"

Seeing her looking stunned, this imposter grinned at her.

"Mhm. It tastes really good. Did you make it?"

Seeing the pleased smile on her face, she smiled back inquiringly.

"Of course not; they're all made by Ziming! He doesn't know what you like, so he prepared a table full of my favorite dishes. Please don't take offense."

Bitterness occupied her heart upon hearing that.

She looked at the man.

"You really dote on your girlfriend that you even cook for her…"

"Mhm. As long as she likes it."


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