Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1208 Brothers will always be more important than women!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1208 Brothers will always be more important than women!

"I remember telling you clearly that I have a family—"

Mu Heng butted in before she could finish speaking.

"Are you Pei Ge?"

This question caused the air in the bright office to still.

"What Pei Ge?"

She calmly peered at this man, who looked harried.

"Do I look very similar to that woman? Your good friend also called me that before."

Her lips curled at the mention of that man.

Ever since the last time, he had not appeared in her life again.

However, after that period, she actually heard a lot about him from others.

For example… the Ji family's household was quite rowdy these days.

Tsk! How could they not be? The chosen fiancée from the Qu family had been waiting for years, yet her position was being threatened by another woman, who had popped out of nowhere.

Who could remain calm at this?

"You two… actually don't look alike at all."

His eyes remained tightly fixed on her. Seeing her calmly sit at her desk, he sighed in relief ever so slightly.

"You two are truly… not the least bit similar." Yet you two are also very similar; you both are similarly attractive to me.

This was a secret he had kept hidden inside him.

Pei Ge's absolutely horrendous face, thick with makeup, had actually attracted him at the golf course back then.

From then on, he had taken notice of this woman, who had average looks but had a very curious personality.

Alas, his best friend happened to like her, so he gave up silently.

He believed that brothers came before women.

He could let go of the woman he loved, but he would definitely not let go of his brother.

Hence, he had never told anyone that he had actually once longed for this woman.

He also kept it a secret that he liked her.

That was until Regina appeared.

He was attracted to her from the first moment he laid his eyes on her.

In the end…

The two women were actually the same person… so the person he loved had always been this woman from the start.

Even if they looked different, even if he did not recognize her, he could still fall for her again and again…

Should he regret, or should he betray his best friend and continue acting dumb?

"Mr. Mu?" She softly called out to him while frowning, feeling uncomfortable with the way he kept staring at her.

"I knew it; how could you possibly be Pei Ge?!"

He suddenly smiled at her, his eyes lighting up brightly like a galaxy.

"…Is that what you are here for?"

She felt that something was off as she took in his bright smile.

"Ha ha! Of course not!"

He waved his hand while laughing and smiling.

"I came to invite you to an interesting event!"

She rejected his invitation without waiting for him to elaborate.

"My apologies, but I am very busy, so I don't have time for this so-called interesting event."

"No, wait! You don't know how fun that event is!"

A certain someone took a few steps closer to her as he quickly talked about the event to her.

"You don't know how interesting that event is! Those taking part in that event are definitely elites—of course, they are elites in our age group!"

She of course did not want to listen to him, but knowing that he would not stop if he did not get what he wanted, she could only humor him.

However, the more she listened, the more she felt that this man was wasting his life away.

How was that an interesting event, and how were those people elites?

It was clearly a game designed for this capital's young masters and young mistresses.

Everyone could bring another person to it, and then they would have to participate in… a strange game.

Everyone would be split into two groups and the winning team could command the losing team to do anything unconditionally. This included business or monetary transactions.

It had to be said that the rich were truly too bored to come up with such a game.

"How is it? Isn't it interesting? Coincidentally, I lack a partner! How about you be my partner in it?"

He beamed at her with anticipation.

"My apologies, but I'm not interested."

Not mentioning how she was focused on exacting revenge, even if she truly had a plea to make of those people, she would still not participate in such a ridiculous game.

This game was clearly about a group of rich people toying with others.

"Don't tell me that you're scared? Relax; I am here! I'll definitely protect you well!"

Mu Heng patted his chest.

"…If you have nothing else, please leave. I'm not the least bit interested in that event you are talking about. I still have work to complete."

With that, she invited him out.

However, a certain someone's face was thicker than the city wall and slighted her order to leave.

"Aish! No! I tell you: This game is truly unlike what you're thinking! I admit that it's initially a lame game the rich thought up, but this time, they're not the only ones participating!"

Seeing that she was not intending to pay him any heed, he rushed to explain.

"The people attending this time are truly elites! For example, isn't my childhood friend very capable?"

Ji Ziming?

Her eyebrows twitched slightly at this.

Why is that man getting involved with this sort of event? He's not the type to partake in such a lame game…

"He's also participating in it, and he'll attend with his girlfriend!"


"There are also important figures from other companies who will be joining. Apparently, the gamble this time is big.

"How is it? Attend with me as my partner!"


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