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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1210 It has been a while.

The weather was good today.

Pei Ge's sight was greeted by the warm sunlight, which had seeped into her room, in the early morning.

Yawning, she went to the washroom. This was when she heard her phone ring.

When she picked it up, she saw that the caller was Mu Heng.


Immediately after answering the call, the man's excited voice drifted into her ears.

"I'm on the way to pick you up. Get ready! Oh, right. We'll be staying on a private island for a week, so remember to bring some change of clothes."

He then hung up before she could ask anything.

Du, du, du…

The phone's busy tone effectively destroyed all the good mood she had upon waking up.

She sucked in a deep breath to calm her emotions and bellowed inwardly, That *ssh*l*! How did he end up getting a hold of my weakness?!

Feeling suffocated, she cleaned herself up fast and started packing her luggage.

By the time she was almost done packing, the man had reached her house.

She opened the door when she heard the doorbell ring and was greeted by the sight of a properly dressed Mu Heng smiling brightly and ingratiatingly at her.

"Hey, I'll help you with your luggage!"


She did not bother being polite and directly threw her luggage to him.

After closing the door to her room, she followed him down the stairs.


Mu Heng got into the driver's seat after stowing away her luggage.

"We'll leave now!"

He grinned through the rearview mirror at her, but other than a cold and indifferent look, he did not receive any response from her.

Her face was clearly saying, 'I am unhappy; don't talk to me,' but he only maintained a happy smile.

"Where are we going?"

What she was concerned about was where this so-called private place was.

"You'll know when we get there."

When she finally deigned to talk to him, he only gave a vague reply.


Through the rearview mirror, he could see that she was angry. Hence, he blinked his eyes and joked, "Relax; I won't sell you off."


She could not be bothered to talk to him.

Hence, the car reached its destination amid his rambling and her stoical silence.

Once the car went past the gates, they were subjected to a series of security inspections. The guards verifying their identities made her feel curious about where they were.

"Aiya! Don't worry; it's just because this is a private villa that they are more stringent in checking the visitors' identities. He's also doing this for our safety and privacy."

Seeing the curiosity on her face, he clarified everything to her with a smile.

"Only a rare few people know about this place. Even fewer people know that it has everything!"

His lips curled up into a smug smile.

"I shall be your tour guide for the day and introduce this place to you!"

"Not interested."

She immediately poured a cold bucket of water on him.

He did not mind it, though.

The car traveled along a long stretch of greenery until a modern building came into view.

"We're here!"

After parking the car, he got out of it and opened the door for her.

Pei Ge merely swept her gaze indifferently across him before she alighted from the car, too.

However, just as her feet touched the ground, he heard a dandy voice.

"Yo, Mu Heng! Looks like you scored some points in women! You actually managed to bring such an extraordinary beauty here!"

The owner of that dandy voice even catcalled.

This voice made her frown in displeasure.

"Scram, scram, scram! You sh*t should take a look at who this is! How dare you take liberties with our queen? Be careful that your old man and brother don't send you to the city outskirts!"

The Casanova could clearly sense her displeasure. She was not alone for he also felt displeased at the man's crass remark.

The man was stunned for a moment before he finally turned to look at her with uncertainty.

"This is…"

When she was finally out of the car, the man's expression froze.

"It's truly been a while, Miss Regina."

A short distance away, Qu Jingwan walked over with her arms hooked around a handsome man who gave off an eerie feeling.

Pei Ge's eyebrows twitched slightly upon seeing her.

Ji Ziming's fiancée is also here to join the crowd, huh.

Still, won't she feel repulsed and uncomfortable seeing his fiancé behaving intimately with another woman?

"Ah! You're that famous Wall Street iron queen!"

The man's eyes lit up upon hearing the other woman greet her.

He nimbly jumped to her side fawningly as he introduced himself.

"Hello! It's nice to meet you. I'm called Shen Liangjia, and I'm truly—"

Mu Heng kicked him to the side before he could finish introducing himself.

"Alright, beast. Stop pretending to be a Mr. Know-it-all here!"


The other guy rubbed his buttocks and glared at him sharply.

However, before these two young masters could duke it out, their verbal spat attracted another man's attention, and he jumped into the fray without warning.

"Miss Regina, I'm Qu Qingyu. We've met once in New York."

The man's attractive and magnetic voice caused alarm bells to ring in the two men's heads.

Pei Ge turned to look at the man across her and frowned slightly.

Have I met this man before?

"You are…"

After thinking for a long time, she still could not remember ever meeting this man.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for her to forget him since he was this handsome. Moreover, the mole right below the corner of his left eye was so iconic that she would definitely remember the man if she saw him.

However, before he could respond, another car happened to arrive then.

The one who had gotten out of this vehicle was not any other person.



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