Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1211 The person caught can be punished in any way.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1211 The person caught can be punished in any way.


Qu Jingwan happily bounded to the man, but after a few steps, she stopped rushing to him.

The reason was that the first person to get out of the car was not the man but her rival.

Pei Ge witnessed this and could not help feeling amused.

This scene was akin to a gladiator coliseum, and she could not fathom why the man would make his fiancée and girlfriend be in the same place.

At this point, she retracted her gaze and turned to look at Qu Qingyu standing opposite her.

Have I really met this guy before?

"My apologies, Mr. Qu; I don't remember seeing you before." She told him politely.

"He he! I knew it! You really don't remember me."

The guy chuckled, making him appear to be surrounded by flowers.

"It's fine if you don't remember as long as you do now."

This suggestive statement of his made her feel awkward.

However, seeing his thoughtful look, she thought that it was just her imagination.

Hence, she could only smile at him politely.

"Oh, yes. You—"

He was just about to say something else but was interrupted by a low and cold voice.

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Mr. Ji!" He exclaimed in astonishment when he spotted the man standing behind the woman before him.

Similarly, upon hearing this voice, the woman knew at once who was standing behind her.

"You're finally here! I almost thought you're not coming anymore."

Mu Heng happily joined in their conversation


Alas, Ji Ziming only hummed in reply, his gaze still fixed on the woman.

His girlfriend and fiancée were clearly present, but his gaze was only on her.

It looked as if she were his girlfriend and fiancée, instead.

"Did you come alone?" he softly asked.

"Of course not. She's my plus one!"

Before she could say anything in response, Mu Heng raised his chin smugly and answered first.


This caused the man's face to darken.

"Do you know what the price is if your male partner loses?"


She raised an eyebrow quizzically at the man.

She did not get what he meant by that. What does he mean by paying a price if my male partner loses?

Could… I have been scammed by this Casanova?

"Hur hur! My friend, with me here, how can she possibly lose?"

Mu Heng laughed dryly at her quizzical look.

"Gosh! You actually didn't tell her about this game's rules!"

Shen Liangjia, who was with them, burst out laughing.

He then turned to look at Pei Ge ingratiatingly.

"Miss, this playboy is not trustworthy! He's likely planning something! With your identity, you can still be a player and not be a lamb for others to do what they want with!"

"Others can do what they want with the men's female partners?"

She narrowed her eyes at the Casanova.

"He he he… With my capability, how can I let others get to you?"

Mu Heng got nervous when he noted that her expression was turning murderous by the second.

"I can be ordered by others if you lose?"

She got a nagging feeling.

"Yes. Don't you know about it? Our game is called the Hunter's Game. Other than the players, there are their partners to receive orders from others. As long as they get caught by others, they can be punished as their captors see fit, and that includes… He he he!"

At this point, Shen Liangjia chose not to say it but just snickered suggestively.

However, from his beastly look and perverted laugh, it was clear enough to her.

"…Mu Heng!"

The man's look angered her at once, and she turned to glare at the Casanova.

"Ack! My goddess, I am truly, truly not out to trick you! You must believe me! I'll really protect you well!"

He immediately promised to her, short of kneeling to express his sincerity.


Despite that, she still felt pissed.


Ji Ziming coldly commented regarding the pair.

Already angry, she felt even more miffed upon hearing his remark.

"Mr. Ji, what right do you have to say that to me? Aren't your girlfriend and fiancée here, too?"

Her snort made the man narrow his eyes at her in seeming contemplation.

"Alright, alright! Since we are all here, let's go eat first and split into teams!"

Mu Heng hastily livened up the atmosphere upon seeing that things were going south.

"Yes, yes! Let's quickly split into groups! Ms. Regina, rest assured; I definitely won't do anything rude to you when I catch you!"

Shen Liangjia looked at her with expectation as he promised that.


"Scram, you *ssh*l*! What guts you have to catch our queen!"

Hence, amid this queer atmosphere, the group reached a huge dining area.

Sitting in the grand yet empty dining area, this bunch of people got themselves food to fill their stomachs before going straight to the main topic.

This time, only a few people were here, and most of them were among the highly capable young individuals in the capital.

Of this bunch, Ji Ziming and Qu Qingyu were the most capable.

Adding up all the men and women, there were a total of twelve people present.

Thus, they were split into two groups of six.

There were two sides: red and blue.

The game was also very simple: Enter the hunting ground and play a game of Counter Strike (CS) Guerrilla Warfare.

"Huh? Ziming! Why are you not in the same team as me?!"


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