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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1214 Be careful of him.

"Mu Heng, come back!"

Pei Ge knitted her brows tightly as she watched Mu Heng disappear.

Has he done this before or not?!

Amid her exasperation, she could only run after the guy.

She did not have much of a choice; he was her partner, after all. She would be alone if he got caught.

As for her other teammates, she neither knew nor trusted them.

She quickly ran behind the big tree, only to find—

"You go ahead! Don't bother with me!"

Looking at the man who had already been caught, she only felt speechless.

The one who had caught him was none other than Qu Qingyu.

"Don't worry. Go ahead and run. I already promised not to capture you."

When he saw her appear, the guy shot her partner in the chest with his paintball gun and eliminated him directly.

Mu Heng felt his heart break when he heard this gunshot.

He could not come to terms with how quickly he had been eliminated when he saw the blue on his chest.

The game had just barely started, yet he was already eliminated!


He raised his head at Qu Qingyu angrily.

I haven't even done any d*mn thing! I haven't been able to make my friend and Pei Ge reconcile!

What's all this nonsense?!

"Young Master Mu, it's just a game, no?"

The guy told him with a smile, but in his eyes, it looked evil!

"That's right! This! Is! But! A! Game!" He glared at him before looking at her.

"Quickly run. This guy is a psycho; don't trust his words!"

"Hey, that's not right. Every word of mine to her counts. I'll definitely—"

A red paintball landed by his foot before he could finish.

"Sorry, but there isn't a section for handouts in my philosophy."

She raised her paintball gun coolly and aimed it straight at Qu Qingyu.

"Mr. Qu, I'm not kind to ambush people, so I'm giving you the chance to point your gun at me. We'll duel it out."



The two men were stunned by her actions.

They did not expect her to say or do something like this.

"D*mn! You're too cool! I'm beginning to understand why others call you queen now!"

Mu Heng looked admiringly at her the moment he recovered from his shock.


By then, Qu Qingyu, too, had recovered from his shock, and there was no longer a polite smile on his face.

What was there was a very unreadable smile.

"That's quite… interesting; I didn't expect you to be the same as before…"

As he spoke, he raised his paintball gun and aimed it at her.

"I'm afraid that you'll have to excuse my impudence this time."

"Heh… We don't know who's gonna get hit," she said haughtily, raising her chin.

For a moment, adrenaline coursed through him as he looked at this arrogant woman.



The two raised their guns and fired at the same time, but unlike this guy who had put down his weapon after one shot, she took another shot after her first.


There was only a second's difference between these two shots.

When they heard the second shot, both men thought that Pei Ge had taken another shot because her first had missed.

The result, though, was jaw dropping.

Both sides' first shots collided and exploded in mid-air.

Instantly, the red and blue paintballs exploded and fell on to the group like confetti.

Before the two men could react from this scene, they saw a red paintball explode on Qu Qingyu's chest.



Looking at the paint on his chest, both men were stunned.

They did not expect her shots to be so accurate and sharp!

"Gosh! Your shooting is out of this world!"

Mu Heng returned to his senses first and stared at her in shock.

"D*mn! This is my first time seeing this kind of shooting in real life! That's impressive! Aiya! Why didn't I record that?! D*mn!"

Qu Qingyu only returned to his senses when he heard the other man's excited chattering.

He first looked at his chest in disbelief before shifting his gaze onto Pei Ge.

It was clear that the shot had quite an impact on him.

"You're… really good."

He only found his voice after a long pause.

"You're definitely a force to be reckoned with; I've lost."

He conceded defeat, but no disappointment could be found on his face.

Conversely, there was an unreadable sense of excitement.


She retracted her gun and then looked evenly at the two men before her.

She managed to take out an enemy, but she also lost a teammate. She had to alter her plans now.

Just as she was leaving, she received a warning from Qu Qingyu.

"Regina, be careful of Ji Ziming."

"Huh? What are you saying? Why are you sowing discord here?"

Mu Heng exploded in anger when he heard his words.

"I'm not sowing discord; everything I've said is true. I only came after you because of something your childhood friend said."


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