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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1218 What if I am Pei Ge?!


She was completely stunned by his action, totally not expecting him to do this.

Before she could react to him saying her name, she was kissed by him.

This kiss was so familiar yet so strange.

What was familiar was those cold lips and what was so strange was… his aggression toward her.

A kiss was supposed to be an intimate act between two people.

Ji Ziming's ferocious and intense kiss was not, however. In fact, he seemed to intent on devouring her through it, and this made her very unsettled.

"Wu…" You jerk, let go of me!

However, the moment Pei Ge spoke, she was silenced by him.

HisThat nimble tongue broke through her teeth easily as it lingered inside passionately.

Bit by bit, she began to get used to this ferocious kiss.

Soon after, she felt slightly suffocated as her whole body went numb. Her mind was hazy and she soon forgot to resist.

It seemed that, because she had stopped resisting, Ji Ziming's kiss became much gentler.

The kiss slowly became sweet and gentle, and the hazy memory in her grew in clarity.

She recalled her past with him.

As she recalled it, her body naturally reacted.

She subconsciously reciprocated his kiss in a gentle yet clumsy manner.

There was only the sound of them kissing in this room.

The sound was so heady and passionate.

A fire seemed to be burning them.

Burning away all their rationality and thoughts.

It was such that there were only the two of them left and nothing else existed.

After a long time, and just as she felt that she was being suffocated to death, he let go of her lips.

"Hah… hah… hah…"

She gasped for air as her lips opened and closed.

Ji Ziming's mood improved when he saw Pei Ge's cheeks flushing from his kiss.

As for the latter, her mood swiftly worsened.

"I don't know what you're thinking, but I just want to tell you that I have a husband and children now, so please be more polite."

She became more awake as her brain slowly regained oxygen.

Pursing her lips tightly, she stared at him intensely.


"Yes, I admit that I'm Pei Ge, but so what? I have a wonderful family now, while you have a fiancée whom you'll marry soon and a—"

She paused when she was about to mention that imposter.

"And a girlfriend you like. Do you think that there's a point in doing something like this?"


The air in the room stilled after she asked that.

Ji Ziming's expression turned terrifyingly dark…

"Pei Ge… I've told you that my patience is limited. I've given you a chance, haven't I…"


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