Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1220 Do not ever dream of fleeing from me!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1220 Do not ever dream of fleeing from me!

"Not letting go! This time round, I won't let go of your hand."

As he said that, Ji Ziming's hand wrapped around the woman's even more tightly.

He gripped her tightly and seemed afraid of her disappearing in the next second if he let go.

Pei Ge was stunned by this icy feeling coming from her palm.

She had been feeling doubtful ever since she returned from overseas and met this man again.

She could not understand why he did not marry Qiao Jingyun.

She could not fathom why he found himself a woman who looked exactly like her.

"Don't ever dream of fleeing from me again!"

Gripping her hand tightly, his eyes stared fixedly on her.

Those dark eyes of his were full of aggression…

"Don't you understand? I have a husband and children! I already have a happy family, so can you stop being ridiculous?!"

Taking a deep breath, she dispelled all her wayward thoughts.

"I don't believe that you'll marry a man other than me."

Without saying anything else, he pulled her into his embrace.

Trapped by the ropes, Pei Ge could not resist his advances.

She looked up at Ji Ziming's sharp chin and bit her lower lip.

"What do you want from me really?"

He appeared unwilling to speak with her further after what she had asked those words as he only showed a look of impatience.

"Shut up."

"…Do you know that what you're doing is illegal? You can't restrain me! You can't tie me up like this!"

Balling up her fists tightly, her heart overflowed with… worry and anxiety as she was hugged by him.

The man turned a blind eye to her pleas.

He just hugged her tightly, as if he were hugging his most precious treasure, and carried her upstairs.

Step, step, step…

He reached the second floor with unhurried footsteps while he held her tightly.

This scene of a dashing man carrying a stunning woman appeared so unrealistically breathtaking and romantic.

Of course, one would have to ignore the rope tying the woman up.

Once they were on the second floor, the man walked to the room at the far end of the corridor and stopped outside.


He carried her with one arm and opened the door with the other.

When the room was opened, she could smell floral fragrance.

This fragrance belonged to her favorite flower…

Looking inside, she realized that this was actually a bedroom.

This bedroom was quite spacious.

More importantly, the bathroom in this room was completely transparent and gave an erotic vibe just like a love hotel!


Pei Ge felt her heart squeeze.

Don't tell me…

"What are you trying to do?"

Lifting her head up, she looked at him nervously.

Who knew that this man, who kept ignoring her, would look down at her the moment they entered the room?

"What do you think?"

"…Ji Ziming, I really have a husband!"

She struggled, but how could she possibly escape from his embrace?

She was then thrown onto the bed by him.


She looked like a doll that could be trampled on as she crashed onto the soft yet huge bed.

"What of that?"

You can only be mine!


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