Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1227 You are happier to see it than me.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1227 You are happier to see it than me.

Meanwhile, Pei Ge was still locked up in the bedroom, and she had no knowledge of what was happening outside.

She stood by the window and gazed at the scenery outside with a frantic heart.

She still could not understand what Ji Ziming intended to do with her and how long he would keep her lock up.


She let out a light sigh, feeling lost and helpless.

This was when her eyes happened to catch sight of a woman standing at the lawn right in front of the villa.

The woman, who was wearing an identical camo to her, seemed to be… looking up at her?!

That's right! She's looking at me!

She was stunned at this. As she was quite a distance away, it took her a long time to recognize the woman.

This woman was none other than the person who looked exactly like the past her - Pei Ge!


For a reason she could not identify, this woman gave her a strange feeling.

Just as she was wondering, she saw the woman's lips curve into a freakish smile.

This smile caused her to frown. She wanted to ask her the meaning behind her smile, but the latter simply waved at her, turned around, and left without a backward glance.


Why did she smile and wave at me?

That woman… is so weird!

She pursed her lips together, suddenly thinking that the other might be related to her.

Although that woman's identical looks to hers weirded her out, she had never gone out of her way to find out the former's identity and background.

Feeling suspicious of the woman now, she thought that… she needed to have her investigated.

Who knew? She might find out something unexpected.

Just as she thought of this, she recalled that she could not go anywhere since she was being locked up here by Ji Ziming…


Deep in her thoughts, she heard a ruckus from outside the door.

She immediately made her way to the door when she heard the movements coming from there.

Hiding behind the door, she attempted to flee from this place by catching the person on the other side by surprise.

Alas, dreams were beautiful, but… reality was harsh.

Following the doorknob turning and the door opening by a slit, a black shadow launched itself on her. She had not even taken a step forward to flee when all these happened.

That black shadow was now cradled in her arms.


She heard this sound first before she could register what was in her arms.

Extremely confused, she lowered her head and came just short of crying!

That was because the thing that had jumped into arms was not anything foreign but her…


She was pleasantly surprised to find her Ragdoll cat, never having expected it to appear here!

"Meow!" The cat meowed coquettishly as its pink tongue happily licked her arm, seemingly having missed her a lot.

"You are happier to see it than me."


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