Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1235 It is you who dragged me to your bed last night.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1235 It is you who dragged me to your bed last night.

Night fell. The sky had been tinted a deep blue.

Pei Ge sat on the bed with Pudding in her arms, deep in thought, after she showered.

Ji Ziming was sleeping next door.

Shortly after dinner, she returned to the bedroom after declaring that she was tired.

She was afraid that she might reveal everything that had happened to her in these last five years if she chatted with the man longer.

She was afraid that he would know that they had two children and that… she had actually lied about her marriage.

Most importantly, she was pondering about the origins of that woman who looked exactly like her.

She thought that the man had gotten that woman to infuriate her; now, she found that that was not true.

In fact, he thought that it was her who had arranged that woman to appear before him.

If they had not talked about it this time, they would have continued misunderstanding each other.

Thus, how exactly did that woman come along?

"Could it be…"

She suddenly knitted her eyebrows.


Her frown deepened.

His dashing face appeared in her mind.

That couldn't be…

Why would he do something like this?

Her brows remained knitted. She felt that it could not possibly be that guy.

He had always been nice to her.

Plus, this was a little… too much.

Regardless of the reason, that imposter's appearance had upset her.

"Pudding… do you think he did it?" She lowered her head to look at the cat in her arms contemplatively.


She came to a decision as the cat purred.

"I'll just call and ask him directly…"

She took her phone out and dialed Egger's number, but her call unexpectedly did not go through…

As she listened to her phone's dial tone, an ominous feeling rose in her heart.

"It's fine… I'll call tomorrow."

After a few attempts, she resolved to call the guy tomorrow, instead.

Setting her phone aside, she decided to get a good night's sleep so that she would have enough energy to deal with Ji Ziming tomorrow.

Her even breathing could soon be heard in the room.

The night got darker.

Hushed footsteps could be heard in the room.


The muffled sounds did not escape the cat's ears.

It called out the instant it was startled awake, but the cat's meowing did not rouse the woman in bed from sleep.


The stealthy individual was none other than Ji Ziming.

When Pudding saw that it was him, it stopped meowing. She turned away from the man, ignoring his presence.

A small smile appeared on his face when he got to the woman's side and saw her peaceful countenance under the dim light.

He bent over and gazed at her tenderly.

He regarded her intently and tenderly as if deriving happiness from this simple act.

Raising his hand, he caressed her face.

The cold hand seemed to cause her a little discomfort. She moved her mouth but did not wake up, nor did she hide from his cold hand.


Seeing that the woman was deeply asleep, he slid his palm to one corner of her mouth.

His slightly callused fingers rubbed against that part.

His touch was gentle and careful as if he were caressing a precious treasure.

"Pei Ge," he murmured, squatting and putting his head next to hers thereafter, "I love you…"

Perhaps because of a pleasant dream or because she had heard his words, the woman's lips curled into a small smile.

Pei Ge slept comfortably the whole night.

Even though it was an unfamiliar bed, she felt at peace while lying in it.

Especially the pillow that she was hugging, even though it was cold, it felt nice to the touch!

It felt as if she were hugging a toned, muscular man, and—

Eh? Man? Ehhhh?!

She opened her eyes instantly.


The instant she opened her eyes, her scream filled the room.

"Ji Ziming, what are you doing in my bed?!"

She covered her chest with her arms and stared at the man intently. She could not believe her eyes.

He actually slept by her side. Was this annoying fellow not sleeping next door last night?!


Seemingly roused by her scream, the man's brows moved a little. With his eyes still closed, he sleepily brought her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead.



Feeling the kiss on her forehead and looking at how he was acting like they were an old married couple, she felt shy and angry.

"What morning?! How did you end up in my bed?!"

As she spoke, she slapped him on his chest.


The man only seemed to wake up when he felt his chest getting hit.

"Weren't you the one clinging on to me and refusing to let go last night?"

Looking at his innocent face and hearing his words, she went Sparta.

"What do you mean by me clinging on to you? Ji Ziming, get your facts straight!"

"You did cling on to me last night and refused to let me leave. Look at my wrist, there are still red marks from your grip…"


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