Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1237 She is the woman I want to marry in this life.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1237 She is the woman I want to marry in this life.

"What is going on here?!"

Madam Ji could not believe her eyes. She did not expect to see another woman in her son's private lodge.

Furthermore, this woman was someone her family was indebted to.

Even though she used to think that this woman was quite nice and was a good fit as her daughter-in-law, that was just a passing thought.

Seeing her staying under the same roof as her son and dressed so scandalously… she immediately felt uncomfortable.

Besides, she even brought Qu Jingwan along.

This situation would only make this lady with her uncomfortable!

"Miss Regina… wh-why are you here a-and in my son's clothes…"

Her words jolted Qu Jingwan back to herself. She looked at Pei Ge with tears in her eyes, and panic in her words…

She looked so pitiful.

Her manner fueled the older woman's emotions.

She was not flustered despite the situation, nor did she act like someone who had been caught red-handed.

She smiled at the two and then turned to the man.

"You talk."

She did not directly answer the question and instead left it to him.

Looking at the two's inappropriate closeness, the older woman's fondness for her decreased drastically.

Qu Jingwan's expression froze a little. She did not expect this woman to be an obstacle to her marriage into the Ji family.

She thought that her biggest obstacle would be 'Pei Ge' from who knew where.

Besides, she assumed that that woman was the one with him when he refused to leave his personal lodge.

Surprisingly, the woman with him was Regina!

When did these two get together?

Had they not just met each other?!

Amid this heavy and awkward atmosphere, the man opened his mouth to speak.

"Mom, she's the woman I want to marry in this life."

The atmosphere in the room grew tenser after he said that.

His words made the two newcomers pause.

They did not expect him to say something like that.

"She's the woman you want to marry…"

Probably due to shock, Qu Jingwan stumbled as she looked at the man with a pale face.

"What about me? I'm your fiancée…"


Madam Ji's heart went to her when she saw how distraught she looked.

She had regarded this girl as her future daughter-in-law.

It had been five years. One would have developed feelings, even if the object of this affection was just a pet, much less if it was another human being.

"Don't worry; in my eyes, you're my family's daughter-in-law. Only you can take the position of my son's wife! I won't recognize any other woman!"

She took a deep breath and gripped her hand tightly. She then raised her head and looked at her son and the woman beside him.

"I don't care what you're thinking now; I just want you to know one thing: The only future daughter-in-law of the Ji family is Jingwan!"

Ji Ziming frowned slightly upon hearing his mother's words.

"Marriage is my affair. I never said that I want to marry her, so I won't marry her."

As he spoke, he gripped Pei Ge's hand.

"She's the only one I want to marry. Only she can be my wife. I don't want anyone else."

He looked devotedly at the woman beside him; it was as if she were the only one in his world.

"Son, how could you let Jingwan down like this?! Do you know that she's waited for you for five years?! How precious is five years to a woman?! You can't just decide that you don't want her now!"

His mother was really upset this time. She had always been sympathetic toward the underdog, and she felt that this lass with her had been wronged.

"Like I said, I didn't promise her anything, nor did I ask her to wait for me. She did that all by herself, no?"

He looked at the lady next to his mother coldly.

He had been waiting for Pei Ge to appear again in the last five years. To him, other women were not worth his attention.

"Even if your heart were made of stone, you should've felt something in these five years…"

Qu Jingwan trembled when she heard his words, and she looked at him with a pale face.

"Am I not good enough? Why would you rather choose a woman you've just met over me?"

She was indignant… They had been together for so long, but this woman had just appeared.

Why was she able to have his heart so easily?


Little did she expect his next words to send her to the depths of hell, rendering her with no hope of recovery.

"Who do you think you are to be worthy of comparison with her?"

Seeing his gaze full of ridicule, she knew at once that she had lost.

Five years of companionship, tolerance, and patience had not gotten her this man's heart.

She was indeed a failure, was she not…

"Son, that's too much! Apologize to her!"

His mother did not expect him to say something like that. She knitted her brows tightly together and looked at her son disapprovingly.

"If there's nothing else, take her with you and leave; I won't change anything I've said today."

His ring finger rubbed the back of Pei Ge's hand as if pacifying and comforting her.

"Miss Regina, I don't care what you're thinking, but I hope that you can leave my son. The Ji family will never recognize you as our daughter-in-law."

Seeing that her son refused to listen, she could only direct her attention to this woman.

"Auntie, I haven't had the chance to introduce myself yet."

The woman next to her son curled her lips up.

"It's been a while; I'm Pei Ge."


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