Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1239 She is my wife; we even have two children.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1239 She is my wife; we even have two children.

"Oh? I never knew that my wife could only be the woman of another man…"

The sudden appearance of another male voice startled everyone in the lodge.

Their shock was not just because of his sudden appearance but also because of his words.

The scariest thing, though, was not the male voice but—



The two young voices that appeared alongside the male voice.

Hearing these voices, the mother-son pair froze.

"An An! Ran Ran!"

Pei Ge's expression froze when she heard the voices of her two children.

Her expression then turned dark when the pair appeared here.

There was no joy on her face from seeing her children. Instead, there was anxiety and panic on her face.

However, since everyone's attention was not on her, they did not catch her strange expression.

"Mommy, brother and I miss you a lot!"

Once the two children appeared, they ran to her side with their chubby legs and hugged her.

Her expression softened when she felt their soft heads rubbing against her legs.

She sighed before she bent to pick up the two.

"Why are you all here…"

She had never thought that her two precious kids would one day appear before members of the Ji family.

As far as she was concerned, she never wanted this family to know about these two's existence…

Right now, unfortunately, her kids were before their father and grandmother.

She could only be comforted by the fact that the two resembled her more than him…

Otherwise, she would not know what to do.

Just as her head was filled with thoughts, the two men standing next to her were sizing each other up with murderous gazes.

"Who are you?"

Ji Ziming gave off a murderous aura as he regarded the man who had suddenly appeared with the two children in tow.

His face was cold, which made him appear to be more frightening.

"You must be the Ji Ziming that they speak of."

Instead of replying to his question, Egger smiled at him in a friendly manner.

"I've heard about you from my wife. Thank you for giving her up back then, so that I now have the chance to marry her."

His words made the other's expression darken completely.

His dashing face was dark. He was like Hades from hell, instilling fear in others.

"Did you say… that she's your wife?"

Ji Ziming only spoke after a long pause, but his voice was brimming with threat.

"Yes, Ge Ge's my wife. We got married in New York. See, we even have two kids."

Egger did not back down in the face of his terrifying aura and just gave him a calm reply with a smile on his face.

When the former mentioned the kids, the latter directed his gaze to the children in Pei Ge's arms.

As he regarded these fair and chubby children, he did not have any dislike for them. Even though he was supposed to dislike them because they were his woman's children with another man, as he saw how the two regarded him with curiosity in their eyes, he did not feel any dislike for them at all.

Conversely, there was a sense of… joy.

Was he extending his feelings for the woman to her children?

As he was spacing out while regarding the two children, Madam Ji recovered from her shock.

"This is preposterous!"

She watched her son gaze tenderly at the two children in the woman's arms.

Even though… she liked children and felt liking for these two children, she suppressed it when she thought of her daughter-in-law and her pitiful grandchild.

"Son, she's already married with children, yet she's messing with you! You can't be with this kind of promiscuous and irresponsible woman!"

She was unhappy at the thought that this woman was cohabiting with her son despite already having a family.

Regardless of who was at fault five years ago, her behavior at this moment had truly upset her.

"Yes, I'm promiscuous, but I don't care to marry into your family either." Pei Ge smiled at the man's mother after a short pause following her words. "I'm doing very well with my husband right now. Please keep an eye on your son to prevent him from harassing me and getting in the way of my present life."

As she spoke, she walked toward Egger with one child in each hand.

"Let's go."

"Okay. Let's go."

A victorious smile appeared on Egger's face as he looked at Ji Ziming when he saw her walking toward him.

The other man was disgusted by his smug smile.

"Don't leave!"

He ran after Pei Ge.

"Son, you're not allowed to go after her!"

Looking at how he refused to let go even after everything that the woman had said, his mother's heart ached for him despite her anger.

Alas, her words fell on deaf ears as he hurried after the woman and gripped her wrist.

"You can't go. I don't care if you are married or have children. As long as it's you, I won't care. I'll treat you and the kids well…"

Please stay…

While she gazed at his pleading eyes, Pei Ge calmly removed his hand from hers.

"I've told you before that it's impossible between us. Let's just leave it like this…"


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