Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1242 When can we meet little brother?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1242 When can we meet little brother?

"Yes, little brother seems very lonely."

For some reason, Pei Ge's heart hurt when she heard this as memories of all the things that had happened to Ji Chi surfaced in her mind…

"You really want to meet him?"

She took a deep breath and decided that, regardless of the conflict existing between her and the Ji family, she would let the three kids meet…

Although they were half-siblings, they got along well so it did not matter.

"Yes, I want! His voice sounded really nice!"

The one most excited about this was of course her daughter, and her big, round eyes even sparkled.

Those eyes seemed to contain the galaxy as her daughter looked at her with anticipation.

Although her son was not as excited as his sister, it was obvious that he was looking forward to it, too.

That was because his ears had turned slightly pink.

Just like his father, his ears would turn pink with every change of emotion.

"Alright. Mommy will bring you two to meet him next time… You three may even become good friends."

She squatted and gently patted her children's heads.

"Really? Mommy, you're the best!"

Upon receiving her confirmation, the two children cheered excitedly.

"Alright, alright. Look how happy both of you have become; I don't remember you two having no friends in New York…"

She shook her head amusedly at her children.

Overseas, with her kids' outstanding looks, they were of course popular to other kids.

In fact, even adults adored them.

Therefore, these two had no shortage of friends, yet they were actually happy at the prospect of playing with Ji Chi.

This was… quite unbelievable!

"This is different! Little brother must be the one in my dreams! Before, I could only dream about him at night, but now I can see him during the day, too!"

The girl stuck out her tongue and beamed at her mother.

Her daughter's words baffled her.

What was this about dreams? Who was this silly daughter of hers talking about?

"Silly daughter, what are you talking about?"

She shook her head in amusement, completely unable to fathom what her daughter was saying.

"I'm not silly! Hmph!"

The girl got upset when her mother called her 'silly daughter'.

"Ok, ok, ok! My baby girl isn't silly at all! She's really smart!"

When the child threw a slight tantrum, Pei Ge stifled her laughter and comforted the adorable child.

"Mommy is naughty!"

After playing with them for a while, she showered the children and tuck them into bed before she headed to the study to work.

Only when they were lying in the large, comfortable bed did this pair of brother and sister realize that they had not told everything about their dreams to their mother.

"Brother, Little Ji Chi is that brother from our dreams, right?"

The girl turned to face her brother, appearing exceptionally cute.

"Indeed, that's the little brother's voice in our dreams."

The boy nodded, appearing mature for his age.

Pei Ge would probably laugh if she were here to see him act like a little adult again.

"Mommy doesn't understand what we're talking about, though."

She pouted her lips, feeling depressed.


He nodded and rubbed her head comfortingly.

"Next time, we'll tell her more clearly. She'll surely understand."

"Yes, we'll tell her tomorrow!"

His comforting did the trick, and the girl became happy again.

Her eyes narrowed into crescent moons from smiling as she looked adoringly at her brother.

"Do you think we can see little brother in our dreams tonight? It's been a long time since we last dreamed of him!"

"Not sure. Our dream of him comes and goes randomly."

The little lad's small and exquisite forehead creased.

"Oh. I really wanna have a dream about him soon…"

The little lass pursed her lips gloomily and in disappointment.

"We'll be able to meet little brother soon."

Seeing his precious younger sister's disappointment, the boy pulled her into his embrace and patted her back maturely.

"Yes! We'll meet him soon—" Just as she said this, the girl exclaimed as she thought of something. "Ah!"

"What's wrong?"

Her brother lowered his head to look at her with confusion.

"Brother, I know why that very good-looking uncle looks familiar!"

Her eyes sparkled as she blinked at the boy.


"We've seen him in our dreams, too!"

She looked at her sibling happily, feeling very pleased with herself.

"He he! You forgot, but I didn't!"

"In our dreams?"

The boy blinked while feeling baffled. However, with this reminder, he soon recalled that they had indeed dreamed of that very good-looking uncle…

"That's right! Whenever we had a dream about little brother, we would have a dream of that uncle, too, but his face wasn't clear in our dreams!"

"It does seem like that's the case."

He nodded, and being slightly more mature than his sister, doubts began filling his mind.

When they had a dream of that little brother, he only thought that that was just a mutual dream.

It was just a dream.

Now, with the appearance of those people in their dreams to reality… this boy with a high IQ was baffled.

Why did they dream of that little brother? Why… did that good-looking uncle appear in their dreams as well?

Were their dreams trying to tell them something?


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