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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1243 Let us go find your mother.

"Goodnight, my babies."

"Goodnight, mommy!"

Pei Ge and her two children slept side by side that night.

With her children right next to her, she quickly fell fast asleep.

However, over at the Ji family's mansion, all were wide awake.

"B*st*rd! You're still thinking of that woman up even now! Don't you think that you've embarrassed our family enough?!"

Mister Ji, with his crown of white hair, looked at his disappointment of a son darkly.

He did not expect that the woman who had disappeared five years ago would return and appear right before his son and that his son was still thinking about her.

Despite making a cuckold of his son five years ago and being married now, his son still wanted to marry her!

Ji Ziming looked at his father, and although the latter's face looked terrifying, he was able to face him calmly.

"Dad, she's the only woman I want to marry in my life. She is also my only wife in this life."

His words infuriated his father.

"You can marry any woman in this lifetime except for her! Your mother and I will never agree to it!"

Upon hearing his words, he curled his lips slightly and said evenly, "Regardless of your approval, I will still marry her."

"Son, is she really worth all the trouble? She has a family now; why can't you let go?!"

Seeing how stubborn her son was being, Madam Ji's eyes reddened from anxiety.

She now detested Pei Ge as much as she liked her in the past.

She had never imagined that that woman would bring her son so much pain.

She, too, did not expect her to be so heartless.

All that had happened in the private villa made her realize that she was totally different from five years ago.

It was all her son's wistful thinking! That woman did not want to be with her son at all!

"In my heart, she is way worthier than anybody else," calmly replied her son.

In his eyes, all other women were not as important as her finger. She was worthy.

"Silly son, do you really think that woman cares about you? She doesn't want to marry you at all!"

She was so anxious that tears almost fell from her eyes as her heart ached for her son.

"Not only does she have a family now, all her words earlier clearly point out that she's rejecting you through me!"

"She put it nicely that you need our approval before she considers marrying you or not. You're so smart so why can't you see that this is a blank check?"

That woman was way too heartless!

She trampled all over her son without a care simply because she had his heart, yet her son just took it all acceptingly…

"Dad, mom."

Ji Ziming's expression became serious suddenly.

"Five years. I've looked and waited for her for five years. I hope that you won't stop me this time."

Light seemed to flash in those dark eyes of his, and he appeared to be glowing.

His voice was overflowing with strong emotions.

The emotions were so strong that his parents had no idea what to say.


They did not expect his love for that woman to be so deep…

"Son, must you be so stubborn? Don't forget; Qu Jingwan has waited for you for five whole years!"

"Mom, I've never gotten her to wait for me."

He lowered his eyelids and lightly remarked.

He had never felt that he owed that lady anything.

"B*st*rd, how embarrassed ours and the Qu's will be if you continue to behave like this! If you dare to marry that woman, then get out of this house!"

The Ji patriarch's blood practically boiled when he saw his son's apathetic look.

Their son had actually spouted such hurtful words to them for that woman's sake…


After a brief moment of silence, his son calmly nodded and moved to leave their mansion.

"Hubby, what are you saying?"

His wife glared at him and chased after their son when she saw him leaving.


"Don't go after him! Let that b*st*rd leave! I think he's so obsessed with that woman that he's willing to talk back to us for her sake!"

He pulled his wife's hand and ordered coldly.

Who knew that something unexpected would happen to them at this point?

Just as Ji Ziming was leaving, their usually obedient and adorable grandson, who should have long been sleeping, appeared in the living room.

He even chased after his father.

"Daddy, Baby wants to go with you!"

His grandparents were just thinking that it was odd for him to come rushing out when they heard his words. At once, they did not feel well.

"What are you talking about? Quickly go back to sleep!"

Mister Ji was the first to react. Frowning at his grandson disapprovingly at his grandson, he ordered him to head back in bed.

"Stop fooling around!"

Madam Ji wanted to grab for the child's hand but did not expect him to shun her away.

Instead, he grabbed hold of his father's hand tightly.

"I'm not fooling around! Just like daddy, Ilike mommy! I support daddy marrying mommy because I want her to be my mother!"

Not just his grandparents, even his father was shocked by his words.

He did not expect his son to say something like this.

He also did not expect him to like Pei Ge so much…


Mister Ji quickly returned to his senses and boiled with so much rage that even his brows stood.


The child gripped his hand tightly as he got frightened by his grandpa.

The man lowered his head, and seeing how nervous yet yearning his son looked, he broke free of the boy's hand.

Just as the child started to feel disappointed, he was quickly picked up by his father.

"Let's go find your mother."


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