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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1244 Husband? That is just her lie.

"Let's go find your mother."

As he said that, Ji Ziming brought the child with him as he left this mansion with determination.

Seeing the leaving backs of his son and grandson, Mister Ji seemed to have aged all of a sudden and appeared really disappointed.

"What to do? Our son and grandson really left; we…"

His wife did not expect matters to progress this way.

Hearing her grandson's words, she started considering giving in to her son's request and letting that woman marry into their family.

"No. Dear, Pei Ge can never marry into our family."

Her husband shook his head with determination.

Her husband and son were equally stubborn and would not change their minds after they had decided on something.

Knowing the two well, she was completely lost this time around.

"You're also aware of what happened five years ago."

Her husband sighed helplessly. "Do you think that the Fu family didn't bear hatred at our son chasing away Mingxuan back then?"

She was slightly stunned to hear that.

"They're… still mad at our family, huh. Their son was forced to go overseas by ours and couldn't return after all these years. If our families weren't friends for generations and that woman had not gone missing, I have no idea how it would all end up…"

Five years ago…

All of a sudden, she seemed to have traveled back in time.

A well-planned wedding turned out to be the capital's biggest joke.

Their supposed daughter-in-law disappeared with their son's childhood friend. There was even that sex scandal of theirs, which… ended up on the news.

Although their faces were blurred in the video, people familiar with them could recognize that they were Fu Mingxuan and Pei Ge.

Immediately following that was her disappearance…

It was as though she had absconded to avoid punishment after seeing the news about her and her lover…

Madam Ji could still remember her son looking around for that woman like a mad man, but that woman really hid well.

No matter how hard her son tried, he could not find her…

Eventually, her son took his revenge on the Fu family. He did everything he could to pressure that family into exiling their son abroad, and that nearly caused the two families to have a fall-out.

Back then, their two families had really become the biggest laughingstock in the social circle.

Although, on the surface, those people dared not say anything because of their son's ruthless ways, they secretly thought of him as a joke…

"Hubby, the matter isn't as serious as how you put it, right…"

She sighed and gently rested her hand on his arm.

"What charm does that woman have to make our son so smitten with her and our grandson side with her…"

"There's truly a drawback to everything…"

It was really a doomed love.

"Daddy, where are we going?"

This was the first time Ji Chi was alone with his father.

Therefore, the child became nervous subconsciously.

He had never been alone with him before.

They did not even have much interaction.

That was because he knew that his father did not like the woman who had given birth to him; thus, this dislike extended to him…

The moment he thought of it, the child lowered his head in disappointment.

Still, he really liked his father…

"Going home."

Ji Ziming turned to glance at the child before rubbing his head.

The boy's eyes immediately shone at the touch on his head.

Lifting his head, he looked at his father with bright eyes.

"Yes! When will we go look for mommy?"

He became energized and regained some courage from his father's simple act of touching his head.

"Right now."

The corners of the man's lips curled as he muttered softly.

His son widened his eyes at his words, mumbling contemplatively, "But mommy should be asleep now?"

Just as he was feeling baffled, they arrived at their destination.

When the child alighted from the car, he faintly understood why his father wanted to find his mother right now.

That was because… their neighbor seemed to be her!

"Mr. Ji, the apartment next to Miss Regina is now yours. I've already emailed you her itinerary for tomorrow. As for Mr. Egger, his basic information was sent to your email. For other information, I've sent people to investigate…"

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and listening to their conversation, this quick-witted child guessed that his mommy was staying right next to their apartment.

Does it mean that, starting tomorrow, I can play with my older brother and younger sister?

Although the girl on the other end of the walkie-talkie kept calling herself his older sister, he felt that he was her older brother!

"Alright. I understand."

After sending his assistant off with a dark expression, Ji Ziming headed to the study room to take a proper look at the information sent to his email.

He refused to believe that the man who addressed himself as Pei Ge's husband was really that.

He felt that it was just that woman's lie.

Right at this moment, this man, whose mind was entirely filled with her, completely forgot that his son came with him.


He only realized that his son was here with him when the latter spoke.

"Head to your room and sleep first. I have something to do now."

Walking to the child, he patted his head with his large hand before heading back to the study.

The child could not help but be disappointed to see his distancing back.

Does… father not like me truly?

Other kids' fathers are clearly not like this.

The child's bright, watery eyes were filled with disappointment and loneliness which were incompatible with his age.

All of a sudden, he remembered the words that woman had said to him…

'Son, if you don't listen to me, your father won't like you for the rest of his life…'


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