Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1249 I do not like it, so little brother does not like it!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1249 I do not like it, so little brother does not like it!

"Ran Ran, stop putting the food that you dislike in your brother's bowl."

At the dining table, Pei Ge looked at her daughter disapprovingly when she saw her putting the food she disliked into An An's bowl.

The girl pouted at her innocently, saying aggrievedly, "But I don't like to eat this!"

"Don't be picky."

Her mother took the spinach she had put in her older brother's bowl back in hers.

"Eat more veggies so you can grow taller and be healthier."

"But spinach isn't tasty…"

She eyed the spinach in her bowl despondently, looking rather pitiful as she did.

Pei Ge could only shake her head amusedly at the sight of her daughter looking bitter while she ate the spinach.

Since this daughter of hers was born with a weak constitution, she would always spoil her. No matter what her daughter wanted, she would do her best to give it to her.

Her daughter had, thus, become rather spoiled. Thankfully, though, she would not go overboard and was obedient for most of the time. This was especially so when outsiders were around; the adorable child was always in her best behavior.

She smiled at her daughter eating her spinach, albeit unwillingly, and then rubbed her head.

As she turned her head, she saw the child beside Ji Ziming looking at her daughter with yearning in his eyes.

Her heart hurt at this sight.

Thinking of his irresponsible and heartless mother, she could only sigh to herself.

This beautiful child was rather pitiful. How could he have such a heartless mother?

"Baby, come; auntie will get you some, too."

As she spoke, she picked up some spinach with her chopsticks and put it in the boy's bowl.

He was clearly stunned to see some spinach ending up in his bowl.

"Be good and eat!"

She smilingly rubbed the child's head thereafter.

Sensing the warmth coming from his head, the boy finally returned to his senses.

He looked at her with his bright eyes as his face lit up with happiness.


The boy nodded vigorously as he continued to flash her with a bright smile.

Pei Ge felt so much better upon seeing his smile.

What she failed to notice, though, was how his face had turned awkward the moment he lowered his head and eyed the spinach in his bowl.

"Mommy, little brother doesn't like eating spinach, too!"

She put down her bowl filled with porridge when she heard her daughter's remark.

"You don't like to eat spinach?"

She looked at the child with confusion.

The boy, though, appeared to be shocked by Ran Ran's remark so he failed to give her a reply.

"Your son doesn't like spinach?"

At that, she directed her question to the boy's father.

Ji Ziming was stomped by this question, too, and shook his head slightly.

He really did not know his son's preference…

Seeing the man shaking his head, her blood boiled.

He is the child's father, yet he practically knows nothing about his son's preference; what an irresponsible father he is!

"Daughter, how do you know that Ji Chi doesn't like eating spinach?"

Taking a deep breath and seeing the boy looking at Ran Ran silently, she gave her daughter a confused look.

As far as she knew, this was these three kids' first time meeting one another.

Although they did communicate last night through the walkie-talkie, how could they find out a lot from such a short conversation?

"Ah? That's because I don't like spinach, so little brother doesn't like it!"

The girl lifted her chin proudly as she explained it seriously.

She only got the urge to laugh when she heard that, though.

Just because she did not like it, other children should not like it, too? What kind of adorably flawed logic!

She shook her head in amusement.

Just as she moved to say something in response, the boy, who was staring at her daughter, spoke.

"Nonsense! I clearly like eating spinach."

As if to prove this, he gobbled down the spinach in his bowl.

Seeing him swallow the spinach at one go, Pei Ge felt rewarded!

The breakfast seemed as if it would be concluded in a peaceful manner, but who knew…

"You're the one speaking nonsense! You clearly dislike eating spinach!"

Her daughter, who appeared as though she had been wronged, widened her eyes at Ji Chi.

The two children then actually started bickering over the issue of this spinach.

"I like eating it!"

"You don't like it!"

"I like!"

"You don't!"

She found this back-and-forth between the two quite hilarious.

"Alright, alright. Stop arguing and eat!"

She patted their heads gently.

"If you don't eat, you aren't good children! If you aren't good children, I won't like you."

The two, who wanted to quarrel some more, stopped the moment they heard her words.



They looked at each other and snorted; the two then turned their heads away from each other as though unwilling to look at the other further.

As such, the breakfast ended with that.

Pei Ge prepared to go to work once she finished her breakfast.

Although she needed not go to her workplace every day, she had to go today given that she had been locked up by Ji Ziming in his private villa for several days.

"Alright. Mommy is off to work. You two stay at home and be good."

She took a look at the three children before leaving as she was worried about them.


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