Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1251 Disappear from his world; just like what you did five years ago.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1251 Disappear from his world; just like what you did five years ago.

"How's the situation on the Pei family's side?"

The moment she entered her office and settled at her desk, she addressed her secretary.

"Everything's under our control. Their company is a mess right now. The internal conflict there is rather bad."

Wu Wei hurriedly filled her in on everything that had happened during her absence.

She nodded and curled her lips into a subtle smile which did not reach her eyes.

"Good. You can now proceed with the next step by handing over those incriminating files to the media."

She rubbed the fountain pen in her hand and sneered coldly.

Uncle, uncle, your good days are coming to an end.

I wonder if you'll like my present…

"Yes, boss!"

Even though the assistant was confused on why their CFO would specifically target that company, he knew what was to say and not to say with his position.

He, thus, left the office without a peep.

Gazing at the empty office, her thoughts went to the three kids at home.

My good son and daughter should be getting along with Ji Chi, right?

This thought persisted until she got off work.

Once it was quitting time, she packed up her things and rushed out of the office, but someone approached her just as she was getting in her car.

Pei Ge lifted a brow slightly at the man in a black suit standing before her.

Even though she did not know him, she had a vague idea on who had sent him.

"Miss Pei, our madam would like to invite you for a cup of coffee."

Her thoughts were confirmed when she heard the word madam.

"Sounds good."

She curled her lips and nodded before she got in the car.

When she arrived, she saw Madam Ji waiting for her, seated in the middle of a room.

The older woman was not alone in the room; Qu Jingwan and another woman, whom she did not know, were there, too.

She took in this middle-aged woman's well-maintained appearance and assumed that she was the lady's mother.

She was the spitting image of her, after all.

"Good day, auntie."

She walked over Ji Ziming's mother, who was sitting on the sofa, and sat down casually with a smile.

It might be her imagination, but she felt that the woman next to Qu Jingwan sucked in her breath the instant she sat down.

Raising a brow, she looked at her.

The woman seemed to be around her mother's age. She looked gentle, just like her daughter, but compared to the latter, she looked rather seasoned.

"Hello, Miss Qu. This is…"

She addressed the young lady without fear.

"She's my mother."

Qu Jingwan curled her lips and looked at her intently.

"Oh! Hi, auntie."

She smiled politely at this young lady's mother.

She was nothing like the rash girl she was five years ago. Now, she gave off the aura of a socialite.

She looked flawless and, coupled with her beauty, seemed like a princess.

As she regarded her, Qu Jingwan's heart tightened, and she suddenly wanted to back out.

How could she compare to someone this outstanding…

Another person present was stunned by Pei Ge's disposition, and it was precisely this middle-aged woman called Qu Wenyu.

She instinctively knitted her brows as she regarded this woman seated not far from her.

Even though there was not much expression on her face, no one knew the strong emotions inside her.

She was just here to meet the woman who had come out of nowhere to steal her daughter's fiancé.

Little did she expect to see…

"Pei Ge, I think you know why I invited you here today."

As she took in this woman's smile, Madam Ji breathed in and spoke in a stern and solemn voice.

"I know."

As she spoke, she picked up the pot before her and poured in coffee on the cup before her.

Her porcelain fingers rubbed gently against the cup elegantly.

"Since you know, let's get straight to the point."

The older woman pursed her lips, feeling a little sentimental as she regarded the other.

She had once liked this woman a lot. She had wanted so badly for her to marry her son and become their family's daughter-in-law.

Regrettably… fate had its way of messing with things.

No one had expected things to become the way they were at this point…

"Leave. Just like you did five years ago; disappear from my son's world."

Pei Ge's hand, which was holding the cup, froze when she heard that, and its content almost spilled out.

Still, she recovered her composure and placed the cup back on to the table slowly.

"Auntie, I never wanted to appear before you all."

She curled her lips into a plain smile, but her smile seemed bitter.

"I don't care whether you believe it or not, but I didn't intend for anything to happen between us when I came back. I didn't come back for your son, nor did I intend to be involved with him again."

She only came back for revenge!


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