Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1252 Did you take after your parents?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1252 Did you take after your parents?

"I don't care whether you believe it or not, but I didn't intend for anything to happen between us when I came back. I didn't come back for your son, nor did I intend to be involved with him again."

The other people in the room froze when they heard her words.

Compared to the disbelief of Qu Jingwan and her mother, Madam Ji bought her words.

Even though she had face blindness, she was not clueless.

She could tell what state her son and this woman were in.

Clearly, only her silly son could not get over his relationship with this woman.

It was because she had seen through his unhappiness that she was unhappy.

Her silly son loved this woman so much, but how could this woman be so nonchalant!

"Then, why did you come back?! Do you know how much influence you have over my son?"

Pei Ge froze at that, never having expected the other to be capable of saying something before her future in-laws.

The older woman's next words were even more unbelievable and incomprehensible.

"You suddenly disappeared five years ago, leaving such a big mess for us to deal with. Do you know what my son did for you? Do you know that he fell out with his two childhood friends?"

"What?!" She looked at her in disbelief.

Why is she saying something I can't understand? What mess I left behind… and what Ji Ziming falling out with his friends?

Liao Gaofei and Fu Mingxuan?

Her face was full of confusion.

"Why are you still pretending? Since you could do something like that five years ago, you should know the consequence of it."

Madam Ji got increasingly angry when she saw the confusion on her face.

Her son had done so much for this woman, but she dared to pretend cluelessness about everything!

She really could not understand how she thought of this girl as pure and kind back then! Why did she try and set her up with her son?

If it had not been for that, her son would not have been in such misery all these years.

"Auntie, what are you saying? Why don't I understand any of it?"

Pei Ge knitted her brows. Suddenly, she felt that she had missed out on… a lot of things from five years ago.

"Stop pretending. Your every action appeared on the news back then. Fine. Let's stop beating around the bush. I asked you out today just to tell you one thing."

The older woman took a deep breath, not caring whether she was pretending or not.

Either way, to her, the one who had erred was this woman.

"Stay away from my son; you don't deserve his feelings of affection. Only Jingwan can be my family's daughter-in-law!"

In a fit of rage, she left the room after saying that.

When she saw her fiancé's mother walking away, Qu Jingwan hastily chased after her.

Pei Ge was not bothered by their departure. Her thoughts were on what she had heard just then.

What exactly happened… five years ago? Why… did she make it to the news?

How come I know none of it?

What actually happened back then?

As she was in deep thought, she forgot that someone else was in the room with her.

This was none other than Qu Wenyu, who got left behind by her daughter.

She scrutinized her with complex eyes.

This woman…

"Miss." She opened her mouth and called out.

Pei Ge returned to herself at the middle-aged woman's call.

She could not help raising a brow when she saw that Qu Jingwan's mother was still there.

Is she gonna tell me to leave her daughter's fiancé, too?


At this time, she was in no mood to smile, so she looked at the other coldly.

For a reason unknown, she did not like her from the moment she saw her.

"Can I ask if your parents are…"

The other woman was unfazed by her cold attitude to her and still asked her a question while smiling.

Her brows moved a little when she heard the middle-aged lady's words.

My parents?

What about them, and why is she asking me such a question?

"Oh. It's just that you look quite familiar, so I want to know if you took after your parents. I'm just wondering if I… know them," explained the other in seeming understanding of her confusion.


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