Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1266 Their family of five should be very happy.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1266 Their family of five should be very happy.

Ran Ran was at a complete loss on why Ji Chi was asking her such a question.

Although she could sense his emotions and perceive his thoughts, she could not fathom why he was so confused.

She might not understand the boy's confusion, An An, who was standing by her side, definitely did.

That was because, he, too, was wondering about the same thing.

He was unlike his sister, who would always dream about stuff, and only occasionally did.

He was even more unlike her in that she could tell whatever the younger boy was thinking or feeling.

Of course, being intelligent, he had long understood the unique relationship between his sister and the younger boy.

He had once read in books that twins had this kind of telepathy, but what he could not fathom was why, despite him and his sister being twins, they could share telepathy, yet this younger boy, who was not connected to them in any way, could have telepathy with his sister.

It's so… confusing!

"Little brother…" He looked at the younger boy with suspicion.

Have you dreamed… of my sister in the past, too?

However, before he could voice out his question, their mother spoke first.

"Why are you three just standing there? Come over and have your meal!"

Upon hearing that, the girl unmindfully ran to her.

The two boys looked at Pei Ge before exchanging understanding glances and following the girl.

It could be his illusion, but he somehow found this younger boy very similar to him…

It was not that they had similar looks or personalities but that they possessed similar levels of intelligence.

His mother's mentor, William Fichtner, once said that he was a genius, but for some reason, he found Ji Chi to be slightly smarter than him.

That was because…

"Mommy, what are we having today? Is it also prepared by daddy?"

He frowned when he saw the naivety and innocence on the boy's face.

This boy was way better at pretending than all their peers put together.

Clearly… his personality was not like his.

Pei Ge felt satisfied when she saw the three children finishing their meals without complaint.

If Ji Ziming would just stop disappointing her, she believed that their family of five could lead a happy and blissful life…

After the meal, she did not rush the man to leave and, instead, pulled him to one corner.

"When you're back, ask your son about what happened. I feel that his disappearance today isn't simple."

She kept feeling that Qiao Jingyun was up to no good again.

Even a monster would not hurt its child but that evil woman did.

When she looked at Ji Chi's beautiful face, she sometimes wondered how that woman give birth to such an adorable child.

They did not look alike at all!


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