Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1270 She is waiting for “the moment of truth“.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1270 She is waiting for “the moment of truth“.

Pei Ge smiled while reading the online comments about her, which were getting out of hand by the second.

In Wu Wei's eyes, his superior was behaving weirdly today.

"Boss, are you saying that we should leave things as is and let those people continue scolding you?"

He looked at his superior in disbelief, totally not understanding what she was thinking.

He felt that, no matter what means she used to clear her name in the future, those ugly rumors about her would forever be etched in other people's minds.

No matter how she cleared her name, as long as her name was mentioned, others would recall these rumors about her.

"Of course not."

She retracted her smile, her beautiful eyes flashing coldly, but her next words made him even more flabbergasted.

"Tell the PR department to start working; join those people online in scolding me."

"Ah—huh? Join them in scolding you?"

He looked at her dazedly, his eyes filled with perplexity.

"That's right, but the method used should be different from them. Do it like this…"

Following her explanation, the assistant's confusion disappeared.

Right now, what he had on his face was worship and awe.

"So it's like that! I understand now, boss; I'll definitely properly have your order executed!"

With a smile, he exited her office.

In her office, she stared at her computer screen broodingly.

As she read the comments scolding her online, the smile on her lips deepened.

Just then, the method she had told her assistant was actually very simple.

She had merely ordered her people to take the initiative in scolding her online. Of course, what they were doing was scolding for the sake of scolding and without any logical reason.

With it, they should also bring in Qiao Jingyun.

Once she finally made her move, everyone would understand that it was that woman who had been pulling the strings behind the scene.

When that time came, she would make use of people's inherent nature of protecting the underdogs and pitying the weak by making them feel guilt.

By then, she believed that, no matter how badly she was being scolded online now, once the truth was revealed, that woman would suffer the full brunt of it!

"I want to see what kind of tricks you still have up your sleeve…"

She casually surfed through the net, acting like a separate person from the one being slandered badly online.

On another end, it was the opposite for Qiao Jingyun.

She ran to her room and frantically took off her clothes. Naked from waist up, she stood in front of a full-length mirror and looked at the black mole on her left collarbone.

The black mole was glaring on her snow-white skin.


With a scream, she picked up a flower vase nearby and hurled it onto the mirror.


The mirror and flower vase broke into pieces.

Staring at her distorted image reflected on the broken mirror, she suddenly started laughing crazily.

"Ha ha ha! I won't let you guys destroy me. I'll definitely not let you guys destroy me…"


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