Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1277 When she is involved, I do not want to back down.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1277 When she is involved, I do not want to back down.

"You don't have to hide it from me. I know that these two are mine. Thank you! Really thank you! I thought… that the child died five years ago…"

Pei Ge and the kids were stunned when they heard his words.

Shock was plastered across the trio's faces.

"Don't worry; from now on, I won't let you all suffer again!"

However, their only reaction to his declaration was shock—shock that he said that.

"Huh? What are you talking about? W-Who were—" Your children? When did my kids become yours?

Feeling a little light-headed, she moved to question him, but Fu Mingxuan did not wait for her to finish.

"Don't worry; this time, I won't get chased away by Ji Ziming again! You bore me two children; if not for myself, then I should work hard for you and these children."

As he spoke that, a dark light flashed across his eyes, making them look frosty.

"I'll go home and tell my parents that you bore me a pair of twins. I'll never let you go again. Wait for me to marry you and bring you three home…"

"Huh?" What?! What in the world?

"Senior, are you…"

She was about to say something but she saw the man leaving hurriedly after bidding the three of them goodbye amid their shock.

"Mommy… is that person our daddy?"

"Is he our daddy?"

She only recovered from her shock when she heard the two guys' questions.

"N-No—of course not! He's not your dad!" She shuddered.

Your daddy is that Uncle Ji whom you two love so much!

She had no idea why that guy would come here and say all that.

"He said that he's our daddy, though, and that he wanna marry mommy…"

Ran Ran blinked, confusion written all over her face.

"Er…" At that moment, she did not know how to explain things to her children.

"You two, do you think that he is your daddy?"

Both shook their eyes when they heard her question.


"No! Mommy, I think Uncle Ji looks like our daddy."

Her breath hitched when she heard her daughter's reply, and emotions welled up inside her.

In the end, blood was stronger.

Even though she had not said anything, these two instinctively felt closer to their biological father.

"That man earlier isn't your daddy. I think he must've mistaken you, so he said something like that." She smiled at them, rubbing their heads.

"Don't worry; mommy will explain it to that uncle."

However, when she put the two to bed, she realized that she did not have the guy's number!

Why, then, did he find where she lived?

Gosh! What was all this about?


Her eyes narrowed as confusion flashed across them.

Is Qiao Jingyun involved in senior's return?

Else, isn't his return too coincidental?

Besides, what made him think that her children are his?

What nonsense is this?

Oh, well! I'll just explain things to him the next time I see him.

"Do you know that… Mingxuan is back in the country?"

Mu Heng walked into Ji Ziming's office and frowned when he saw the latter working overtime.


Ji Ziming paused his work when he heard this news.

"Just today."

The other walked over to his desk and looked seriously at him.

"I heard that he came back for Pei Ge…"


He drummed his fingers on the table.

"Actually, things don't have to be so tense between us. We're childhood friends at the end of the day. There's a misunderstanding between you two five years ago. I think… you can take this chance to clear everything now that he's back."

Mu Heng did not want to see his friends fighting.

It had been five years. He hoped that the two could bury the hatchet and return to being friends.

"You already said that he came back for Pei Ge. What do you think is there for me to say to him?"

Ji Ziming stood up from his chair.

"When the woman I love is involved, I don't want to back down."


He sighed when he noted his friend's firm stance.

He only knew of Fu Mingxuan's return because someone told him that they had seen him in an elite apartment estate, and Pei Ge happened to live there.

"Actually, he has already been to her place."


The man had a strong reaction to his words.

"What did you say?! He's been to her place?!"

Mu Heng sighed to himself when he saw his friend lose his composure.


"…D*mn it!" cursed the man aloud. Without thinking, he grabbed his coat and hurried out of his office.

It was clear that he was going to look for Pei Ge!

"Have you considered the possibility of her two children being Mingxuan's?"

He mumbled as he watched his friend leave.

His friend probably did not hear it or did not hear him properly as he did not receive any reply…


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