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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1279 Could they be his children?

The next morning, Pei Ge woke up, made breakfast for her kids, and left home for work after bidding them goodbye.

When she opened the door, she saw Ji Ziming standing outside.

She pursed her lips at the man dressed in a suit, who was looking rather listless, and wordlessly sidestepped him.

However, before she could walk past him, he grabbed her wrist.

"What did you mean by your words yesterday?"

He stared intently at her. He knew that she was not the type lie, so everything she had said then must be true.

An An and Ran Ran were not Fu Mingxuan's children!

That guy must have lied to him back then, or… Fu Mingxuan was fooled by someone else, too, and that was why he had told him that.

"Let go! I don't wanna talk to you!"

She glared at him and then slapped his hand away, still feeling upset after a night.

She was really upset. She had only ever been with him. She had gone through so much just to give birth to his children, yet… here he was thinking that she had something on with another man.

What was more! He thought that her kids were someone else's! How was she to accept that?

"I want you to clarify things…"

While they were arguing, the kids poked their heads out from behind the door.

"Mommy, uncle, what are you two doing?"

The pair only calmed down when they heard the girl's voice and saw the boy's curious gaze.

"Mommy's not doing anything. Be good and go back in! I have something to discuss with your uncle here."

Her words seemed not to have any deterring effects on the kids, however, as both shook their heads and ran to the man from by the door in their slippers.

"Uncle, you haven't been here to see us in a while."

The girl stretched out her hands as if asking for a hug.

Looking at her coy manner, the man automatically picked her up.

"Uncle's been busy recently," replied the man gently. He then scrutinized this lass who resembled her mother.

"You're forbidden from not visiting brother and me! We missed you! We even dreamed about you every night!"

She grumbled as she wrapped her hands around the man's neck.

She was like a grumpy parent, but he was not upset by her reprimand. Instead, he attentively appeased her.

He was akin to an indulgent father spoiling his daughter.

If others were to see him like this, they would likely think that he was possessed!

As she watched her children bounce to the man's side and him treat them gently, Pei Ge was upset and amused.

She was amused by the man's indulgence of the children, and she was upset that the jerk was still unaware that her precious children were his.

She really did not know how to react to that.

"That's enough, you two. Mommy and uncle have to get to work; you guys go back first."

"No! We haven't seen uncle in a long time! I just wanna play with him! If not, who knows when the next time we'll see him is?"

Looking at her daughter acting pitiful, the corners of her mouth twitched speechlessly, and she glanced coldly at the man.

"Your uncle will come visit you two later. He'll bring Ji Chi with him, too, so you guys can leave him alone for now."

To no one's surprise, the eyes of the two kids lit up when they heard her promise.

Only then did they let go of the man.

"Uncle, you must bring our little brother here tonight! We'll be waiting for you!"

The two looked at the man without blinking, their expressions saying, 'We'll cry if you don't come.'

Ji Ziming paused a little as he regarded the two children looking at him with sparkling eyes.

Pei Ge said that these children were not Fu Mingxuan's last night… Could they be his children, then?


At this thought, his gaze became more serious.

He swept his dark eyes across An An and Ran Ran, but he could not find traces of him in them.

"Hey! What are you looking at? Come on! I'll be late for work."

She rolled her eyes when she saw the man looking at her children closely.

Don't think that I don't know what you're thinking just because you're expressionless!

You jerk, aren't you thinking whether these two are yours or not? He he!

You can't even recognize your children, so is there a need for me to marry someone like you?

At this point, she got upset again.

"You guys, hurry up and go in!"

After chasing her kids into the apartment, she hurried to work with a cold face and paid no more attention to the man.

Ji Ziming was confused when he saw that the woman was upset again, but he knew that nothing he said would work when she was like this, so he just quietly sent her to work.

"Pei Ge, if you're mad at me, just tell me directly; I'll change."

He finally could not resist saying when he saw her move to get out of the car.

She only got more upset when he spoke, though.

"I realize now that you're really stupid! Whose children do you think An and Ran Ran are?"

After she spoke, she alighted from the car without waiting for his reaction.


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