Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1283 How can you be the company CEO when you are so dumb?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1283 How can you be the company CEO when you are so dumb?


The sound of the door being opened alerted everyone in the conference room.

What's going on?

Pei Shishi looked at the door and was stunned to see the person who had walked in.

Her happy and smug smile froze.

"Pei Ge?!"

She could not believe her eyes, truly never expected this woman to show up here.

The latter, with her wavy hair tied in a neat bun, was wearing a bright-red coat, which accentuated her body curves.

She did not have any makeup on, and her expression was cold and sharp.

She made her way around the room in her stilettos.

Tap, tap, tap!

The clicking of her heels made everyone in the room hold their breath and stare at her.

"Why are you here?!" She demanded once she recovered from her shock. An ominous feeling rose inside her.

The other did not give her a reply; instead, she walked to the front of the conference room and stopped before the empty seat meant for the CEO.

She got angry when she saw her ignoring her and stopping in front of the CEO's chair.

"Security! Where's the security?! Why did we even hire you if you could let every person into the conference room? I think you're asking to be fired!" she shouted in a frenzy and unlike her usually graceful self.

Pei Ge, on the other hand, exuded a noble aura, which made one want to stare at her.

At least, that was what a number of the present board directors thought.

"That's enough; you can stop yelling now."

She looked at her cousin and curled her lips before she occupied the CEO's chair.

Pei Shishi looked viciously at Pei Ge when the latter sat down in the head seat.


She slapped her palm heavily on the table and got up from her seat while glaring at her cousin murderously.

"Get up! That seat isn't meant for someone like you!"

"Oh, really?"

Not only did the other remain in the seat, she got even more comfortable in it. She leaned back, looking comfortable and casual.

"Why isn't it meant for someone like me? I think that this seat suits me just fine."

She was enraged by her words.

That seat was hers! Hers!

Who did this woman think she was?!

"Security! Drag—" This woman out of here!

Before she could finish her order, her cousin cut her off.

"That's enough. I've told you to stop already. I said that this is my seat."

The other raised a brow and smiled coldly at her.

"This is not somewhere you can mess around! You can get back to your small lousy company now!"

As she spoke, she stalked to Pei Ge angrily, as if she intended to drag the latter out of the chair.

Unfortunately for her, Wu Wei stopped her before she could get close to her cousin.

"Please watch your attitude."

"What is the meaning of this?! I'm this company's CEO now! What are you doing in my seat?!" She was maddened when she got stopped.


Her cousin laughed aloud. It was as if her words were a joke to her.

"Ha ha. You're this company's CEO? Ha ha!"

"What are you laughing at?"

She got even more furious when she heard her laughing.

For some reason, guilt assailed her at the sight of her cousin who had returned after five years.

"I didn't expect you to be dumber than you were five years ago; how could someone like you be elected as this company's CEO?"

Pei Ge raised a brow coldly at her.

She felt a little sentimental as she regarded the slightly wrinkled face.

Five years ago, the woman across from her was still arrogant and confident, but five years later, she had an entirely different aura, and her beautiful eyes were cloudy.

Thinking of how she had once regarded this woman as her opponent made her feel… like scolding herself. Calling her cousin an opponent was an insult to the term itself.

"I own forty-five percent of this company's shares! Tell me; why couldn't I be its CEO?"

Thinking of the shares she possessed, Pei Shishi's eyes lit up as she felt reassured; it was contrary to her earlier display of fluster.

"I know that you want to get back at my family, so you've been buying the shares of this company, but just a bit of shares doesn't mean much to me."

The more she said, the more reassured she felt, causing her confidence to return.

"Take my advice and don't make a scene here, or else, don't blame me for not leaving any leeway later."

Pei Ge was not bothered by her threat. She leaned lazily in the chair and shrugged.

"I'd like to see whom things are going to look bad for," she said with a smile.

She then straightened her body and put her elbows on the edge of the table.

"Are you all in favor of her becoming this company's CEO?"

She spoke to all the members of the board.

"Of course! They've already chosen me as their new CEO. Are you here as a member of this board, then? Even if you oppose, from that little bit of shares you have, it's not gonna matter."

"Oh? Are you sure?"

She laughed coldly at her cousin's pompous words. She then looked at the latter as if she were looking at a fool.


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