Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1285 From today on, this company’s name will revert to the original.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1285 From today on, this company’s name will revert to the original.

"Pfft! Do you still think that you have that many shares? You're really a lot dumber than you were five years ago."

Pei Shishi frowned warily when she heard her cousin's words.

Why would Pei Ge say this?!

Could it be… that she had done something?!

That's impossible, though! My shares are within my tight grasp—no!

Panic flashed across her eyes.

She turned and looked at her trusted aide.

As she regarded the aged and expressionless man, who was looking back at her, an ominous feeling rose in her heart.

"Uncle Li, you…" She looked at him panically, her voice trembling.

No! It couldn't be! He'd never betray me!

"That's enough. You don't have to ask anymore. Just like you've guessed; he's with me. You don't have the forty-five percent shares that you speak of,"

Pei Ge told her cousin softly.


In an instant, Pei Shishi felt as if her head had exploded.

She wordlessly looked at the old man dumbly, her dark eyes seemingly carrying a glimmer of… hope.

She was fantasizing that everything her cousin had just said was a lie—that this old man had not tricked her!

Alas, fantasies were mere fantasies.

The next instant, she saw him stand up and bow to Pei Ge.

"Miss Shishi, I'm sorry; you don't own forty-five percent of this company's shares. The person who has them is my boss."

At that moment, she felt as if she had been thrown into hell. She slumped in her chair, unable to support her body weight any longer.

It's over. Ha ha ha… It's all over. Ha ha ha…

What of me getting rid of my father?! In the end, all my scheming is for nothing…


"So the new CEO of Pei Family Real Estate is that woman?!"

"No! It's just forty-five percent of the shares—that's less than half. She doesn't have the right to be our CEO…"

As she admired her cousin's desperation and listened to the hushed voices of those around her, Pei Ge laughed coldly and clapped her hands.

Clap, clap, clap!

The claps attracted the attention of everyone.

"Here, I want to make things clear for you all. I don't need your support. I can take the seat of CEO without the support of anyone in this room."

Everybody reacted strongly when they heard her words.

"Are you kidding us?!"

The company procedure was that one needed half the company shares in order to take that position.

Pei Zhenghui, who had once held the highest seat in the company, never had more than fifty-percent of the shares since the company was listed.

Even as the founder, he only had forty-five percent of the shares.

After all, he did not build this company himself, and besides, without the shares, Pei Family Real Estate would not be where it was today.

"I don't joke around when it comes to business, and I happen to own fifty-three percent of this company's shares, which is more than half."

Everyone in the conference room was stunned by this revelation, but her next words shocked them even more.

"From today onward, Pei Family Real Estate will be renamed… Gemei Real Estate!"

Dad, see? I succeeded in taking back this company, which once belonged to you…


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