Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1292 You are so adorable, so I of course am willing.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1292 You are so adorable, so I of course am willing.

"Since I'm sharing my mommy with you, you hafta share your daddy with me, too! That's only fair, right? In the future, your daddy's my daddy, and my mommy's your mommy! How's that? Isn't it great?"

Pei Ge did not know how to react to her daughter's naïve words.

She knew that her two precious children really liked Ji Ziming, but she did not know that they liked him to this extent of plotting about him; she really did not know what to say.


Not just her, even Ji Chi was stunned by the girl's words.

He suddenly glanced up at Ran Ran without blinking and with a complex expression.

"Why? Are you unwilling? I've already offered my favorite mommy to you!"

The girl got flustered when she saw his lack of reaction.

"No…" The boy pursed his lips at the girl's flustered look and then eyed Pei Ge hesitantly "I-I…"

He looked nervously at her, clasping his hands together as if he were having difficulty articulating his words.

"Yes? What's wrong, Baby?"

She was a little confused by the boy's hesitation. Did this child have something to say?

"I-If my father really, really marries you, wi-will you all abandon me?"

Under her watchful gaze, the little guy posed his question haltingly.

Immediately after he asked that, he lowered his head.

Pei Ge paused at the little guy's inquiry. She then understood that something must have happened when Qiao Jingyun picked this boy up that day.

Lowering her head, she gazed at the nervous and insecure child.

He looked like an abandoned puppy, pitiful and heart-breaking.

Seeing him like this made her heart ache.

She reached out and brought the boy in her arms.

"Silly child, no matter if your dad marries another woman, you'll always be his son. He's your father, so he won't ever abandon you…"

She softly reassured him as she caressed his back.

The boy gradually felt reassured and started to relax his stiff body.

Raising his head, he pursed his lips tightly as he looked at her.

"What about you? I-If my daddy marries you, will you make him abandon me? Ar-r-re you really willing to be my mommy?"

His eyes were filled with nervousness.

She lowered her head and put it against his in response before smiling at him.

"If the baby isn't as adorable as you, of course I'll be unwilling, but as for you, my lovely child, I'll treat you like my own, love you, dote on you… and never let anyone bully you again," she said gently.

Her words were sincere and gentle, and in an instant, Ji Chi felt tears well up in his eyes.



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