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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1297 Do you remember when we did it?

The pair argued for a while over this.

It was not that she did not want her children to recognize this man as their father; it was just that she had no confidence.

After all, their relationship was not exactly smooth-sailing.

She did not have much problem on her side, but the man's side, on the other hand, had tons of it.

Not only was there that issue with his parents, he even had a fiancée now.

"Trust me. I'll give you a happy home and the most beautiful wedding…"

The man hugged her carefully as if he were holding a priceless treasure.

"Uncle and auntie…"

She pursed her lips. Her heart went to him, but sometimes, she just did not feel like giving in.

"Don't worry; they'll definitely agree to it."

Even though the man said it with conviction, she remained unconvinced.

In fact, their biggest problem was the man's parents.

To think that the old couple used to like her a lot.

Now, she could only sigh in lament about how destiny made a fool of people.

Who could have imagined that, the staunchest supporters in her union with this man before, would now be her greatest obstacles in reuniting with him?

She did not blame them, though.

If she were in their shoes, she would also be unwilling to let her son marry a woman who had disappeared without a word in the past.

This was not mentioning that they had already found themselves a suitable candidate for a daughter-in-law and from a well-to-do family, too.


She could only sigh as she lay her head on the man's shoulder.

"If only… those things didn't happen five years ago…"

If those things had not happened, their relationship would not have been so full of twists and turns and they would not have lost Ping An…

"It's okay since you're with me now." He gently held her palm, his voice gentle when he said this.

"What happened while you guys were living abroad all those years?"

When she heard his query, she got distracted from telling the man about their dead son as she started filling him in on everything that had happened to them back in New York.

"It's been tough on you all along…"

Even though she had put it all lightly, he could tell how tough life had been for her.

From his personal experience, how could he not know what she had gone through to get to where she was today as a single mother?

"From now on, I'll always be there for you."

He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

A gentle and passionate kiss heated their bodies.

The man's hands started groping her body as his gaze became heated.

Just as logic was about to be blurred by their passion, she suddenly reached out and stopped his heated palms in their tracks.

"Wait!" She panted for breath.

"What's wrong?" he asked, his voice raspy and oozing with sex.

"Do you remember when we did it before?"


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