Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1301 Who on earth is the murderer behind the scenes!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1301 Who on earth is the murderer behind the scenes!

At his niece's confrontational words, Pei Zhenghui's expression became uglier.

Actually, all along, he had been regretting his decision.

It was especially so for the first few years. He would always dream about his big brother every night…

However, slowly, as his company became more successful and he earned more money, he soon forgot all about it…

"Why does my father have a brother like you? He's so kind and generous to you, but because of a stranger's incitement, you actually killed him!"

As she said that, Pei Ge's eyes reddened.

Taking a deep breath, she was unwilling to speak anything more to this b*st*rd.

Her only thought was to find the other murderer as soon as possible to put an end to this ridiculous yet disgusting game of finding the killer…

"Anyway, what's the identity of Yang Hua, and why does he want to kill my father? Do you still have his contact?"

She asked this barrage of questions at one go.

Her uncle could, unfortunately, not answer any of her questions.

"I… don't know." He shook his head helplessly as darkness covered his face.

"How can you not know?!" She frowned.

"You listened to his words and killed my father, but now you're telling me that you don't even know him?!"

She was truly infuriated this time around!

This b*st*rd, he actually colluded with a complete stranger to kill my father!

He was her father's biological brother!

"…At that time, I only knew that he's a talent your father got from who knows where. I happened to be driven into a wall, so I got fooled by him…"

The older man kept pulling at his hair in anger and anguish.

"I didn't expect him to be setting me to pay for his part in it when he persuaded me to kill your father!"

Pei Zhenghui was so angered by the thought that his eyes had turned bloodshot.

That person was clearly the one behind it, but the one in jail was him! He felt really indignant!

"If I knew about his identity, I'd have come clean to the police a long time ago! I'd definitely expose him, but…" He let out a deep sigh. "But I really have no idea who he is. Even my only contact with him… is already not in use."

"What contact?"

Pei Ge got hold of this information since all the leads stopped at her uncle.

This contact might just be the key to a breakthrough.

"That's the contact detail he left behind before disappearing, but when I tried calling it, it's no longer in use.

He did not reveal to her that he had spoken to that man not too long ago, only saying that the contact number was no longer in use.

"Give it to me!" she demanded anxiously.

Even if it was no longer in use, she wanted to try searching for the registered owner of that number!

Perhaps, she could gain some leads from there!

She hastily left the prison after extracting the contact details from him.

She got someone to investigate the owner of the number, but she already prepared herself for a disappointing outcome…

"Madam, Ms. Pei Ge has just left after meeting Mr. Pei Zhenghui."

The transparent greenhouse was thriving with sunshine.

The scene was as beautiful as the blooming flowers in riotous colors.

Despite such a breathtaking view, the old lady in the midst of it only projected ruthlessness.

Although her actions when fixing the flowers were graceful, her ruthless nature could not be hidden to those looking.

"Heh! What's the point of going?"

Her aged but well-kept hands mercilessly cut away a blooming rose.


That life of the rose ended just like that, never getting the chance to bloom fully.

"Yes, madam. Please be at ease that the matter from back then was executed without a mistake and had nothing that could lead back to us no matter what."

"He he! What do you mean by 'us'? It should be just… you."

"Right, right, right! Please be at ease that, even if they find me, it will just be my matter and will have nothing to do with you."

"Xiao Yang, I've always been very confident of your execution of things. Alright. Get busy with your matter and stop pestering this old bone!"


After a busy day, Pei Ge returned home feeling tired.

Although it had been a hectic day, her investigation did not produce any fruit.

Still, she strove not to show any bit of her fatigue when she interacted with her children.

"Mommy, why isn't daddy back yet?"

For some reason, even though she did not agree to it, her children had been very proactive in addressing Ji Ziming as 'daddy'.

Even An An, this little adult, was willing to call him that.

She was really taken aback by this.

Nevertheless, since the man was the children's father to begin with, she did not say much.

"He's probably busy."

Thinking of the man, she turned to look at the empty kitchen and disappointment filled her heart slightly.

In the past, no matter what time she returned, the man would always be here.

"Guys, mommy will be cooking food for you today, alright?"

She grinned and lowered her body to be on the same height as her children.

"Yay! I haven't eaten mommy's cooking before!"

Ji Chi was the first to put his hand up in agreement, and he smiled exceptionally happily, too.

"Mhm, mhm, mhm! It's been long since Ran Ran last ate mommy's cooking!"

Pei Ge smiled and walked into the kitchen amid her children's cheering.

Although there was a lot on her mind, she maintained the smile on her face as she prepared food.

On another end, Ji Ziming was really busy.

"Have you found where Qiao Jingyun delivered her child back then?" he asked, coldly and aloofly.

When he heard Pei Ge say that yesterday, a ridiculous yet plausible notion surfaced in his mind.

That was that… back then, did he really do it with Qiao Jingyun?

If they really did not do it, then… what was Ji Chi all about?


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