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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1303 I want to go there at once!

"Huh? What's going on?"

Pei Ge looked at the man puzzledly. She did not understand why Egger would appear suddenly at her doorstep just to say that.

"Something happened to Xiaoyu. Follow me back quickly."

She already initially intended not to agree to the man's request, but once she heard that it was about her best friend, she got anxious!

"Did you just say that something happened to Xiaoyu? What happened to her?!"

Hearing this news about her best friend from him made her heart feel as if it were hanging on a string.


The man had a face full of anxiety, making her worry even more.

"What happened to her?! Say it now!"

She nearly died from anxiety as she listened to him.

She had been busy taking revenge recently that she had forgotten to talk to her best friend.

As such, she really… had no idea that something bad had happened to her best friend.

"The baby's life in her stomach is in danger…"

The moment he said that, only one thought surfaced in her mind, and that was…

She must return to New York at once!

"How could that be? Xiaoyu's child was doing just fine before; why is it suddenly in danger of dying now?!"

She stared at him in disbelief. During their last phone conversation, her best friend was still thinking of what to call her child.

Why was the child suddenly in danger of losing its little life?!

"I can't explain it all in a short time. Plus, I only know a bit of what happened. If you want more details, you'll have to ask Xiaoyu yourself, but she's currently… not in the right state of mind."

She was nearly overwhelmed with anxiety at that.

She could not understand why her best friend had not called her, given that such a serious matter occurred.

Currently, she was worried and angry.

"Quick! Book me a ticket; I'll take the earliest flight to New York!"

She did not notice the cold glint that flashed across the man's blue eyes the moment she said that.

Actually, it had fleeted across so fast that none was able to see it.

However, before she could return to her room and pack her luggage, an icy voice halted her steps.

"Take a flight to New York? Are you going back overseas?"

That icy voice seemed to be tinged with anger, which could make anyone perceptive enough to shudder.



The three children quickly surrounded Ji Ziming the moment they saw him.

Egger felt a sharp pain in his heart when he heard An An and Ran Ran affectionately calling the man 'daddy' as well.

"Ziming, I have to go abroad—"

The man interjected, "I won't allow it!"

His automatic reaction was not to permit her to leave.

"It isn't that I won't be back here after going there. I'm just going over because something happened to Xiaoyu!"

Seeing him forbidding her to leave, she quickly explained the situation to him.

She understood that leaving him five years ago without a goodbye had left an indelible mark in his heart.

Therefore, it was a given that he would overreact the moment he heard that she was leaving again.

However, something did happen to her best friend, so she must go there to look!

"…Then, I'll go there with you."


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