Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1310 Hello, love rival; I am her husband.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1310 Hello, love rival; I am her husband.

"You're not in pain, but my heart is."

Gu Zhengrong did not feel well when he saw the two acting affectionately in front of him.

The sting on his face seemed to extend to his heart.

Although it did not feel good, he stood there quietly and looked at the woman with eyes full of sorrow.

He appeared not like a perpetrator but a victim, instead.

Even though Pei Ge was slightly stunned by Ji Ziming's action, she soon regained her senses.

She shot him a warning look, mumbling, "Stop making trouble here; I have serious matters to settle here."

Just as she muttered that, she removed her hand from his.

"I'm talking to you about serious matters as well."

The man was not having that and overbearingly kept her hand firmly in his as he shot Gu Zhengrong a glance.

He truly did not expect that his wife was attracting the attention of men with no simple characters.

Egger had ties to the underworld, whereas Gu Zhengrong was a prominent figure in the US.

It was truly rare that the latter could make a name for himself on Wall Street after starting with nothing.

"Alright, alright, alright. At least, let me speak to him first."

Pei Ge helplessly pursed her lips, not really knowing what to do with this man.

Maybe she should not have let him follow her to New York. It was really troublesome.

"He is…"

Gu Zhengrong smiled bitterly when he looked at the pair.

Without the need to ask, he had already guessed their present relationship, but he just had to ask out of indignation.

"He's my boyfriend!" she replied icily.

Upon hearing her reply, out of the three men present, two felt bitter and only one felt sweetness in him.

Although he was happy that she said that he was her boyfriend without hesitation, he was still not satisfied.

"I'm her husband." He pulled the woman into his embrace as he declared this.


Gu Zhengrong could only look silently with pursed lips at this.

Although, in actuality, she was still not married to the man and did not agree to do so, she did not reject his embrace and even looked coldly at the person before them.

"Explain it clearly right this instant; what's wrong with my best friend? Why is her child gone?"

"…I don't wanna talk to you about her."

After a brief moment of silence, the other spoke slowly in response. His voice did not… have a tinge of regret about losing his child.

She became more infuriated at his attitude.

"You don't want to talk to me about her? Ha! You don't want to talk to me about her…" She coldly sneered. "She's your girlfriend and the mother of your child! She did so much for you, yet you're actually telling me this!"

Hearing her words, he felt that all he had done in the past were truly too ridiculous…

He had done everything wrongly.

"I haven't told you this, but I actually go by another name…"

If only he did not make use of Tang Xiaoyu to get close to her, would he be the man standing by her side today?


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