Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1314 I will personally protect my wife.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1314 I will personally protect my wife.

"Do you feel that you are very kind? Do you think that the person you truly like is me? That's truly too ludicrous!"

"The one you like has always been yourself!"

She stepped forward and stopped before him. Raising her head, she coldly regarded the man in front of her.

"You claim that you like me, but I don't think so! A person who truly likes someone doesn't behave like you! The one you like is merely your version of me in your mind!"

Her words were like lightning bolts as they struck him deep inside.

Unfortunately, no matter how cutting her words were, he did not show signs of waking up from his fantasies.

"Ge Ge, I… will leave for now."

With a ghastly-white face, he left the coffeehouse staggeringly. He also seemed not to have noticed An An and Ran Ran's curious gazes as he left without saying goodbye to them.

Watching him leave, she was at a loss for words.

She had never expected for such a decent and composed man to be this unreliable.

She always found it a little unbelievable that he would like her.

How old were they back then? They had never even met in person. Moreover, when it came to exchanging letters with him, she had merely written a few.

In addition, Tang Xiaoyu had written all the letters for him together with her, yet that man had ridiculously made himself believe that the one he liked was her.

Hur hur… What he liked was that perfect girl he had conjured in his mind.

What affections? More like obsessions…

"Ge Ge, don't worry. I'll properly talk to him when I get the chance. After all, he's been with Xiaoyu for so many years."

Seeing her resigned and mocking smile, Egger, who had been silent all this while, softly reassured her.

Only when she heard him speak did she recall that he was also present.

"Ah. I've troubled you so much today."

She politely spoke to him. Ever since she decided to get back with Ji Ziming, she had started putting some distance between them.

She had a lover now, after all, so she should keep her distance from other man.

"It's no trouble. Nothing regarding you will ever trouble me."

He smiled at her gently, but this disappeared immediately after.

"I'm truly grateful for all the help you've given my wife until now, but in the future, you no longer have to trouble yourself with her issues. I'll personally protect her."

Ji Ziming took a step forward, shielding her from the other man's view while giving him a warning glare.

This man was truly too difficult to deal with.

It seemed that their 'fight' was bound to happen.

Pei Ge helplessly tugged on her lips as she watched them face each other off.

"Alright. The children should be hungry now. Let's go get some food for them."

The two handsome men immediately resumed casualness when she brought up the children.

"Ziming, I'll bring you to visit my mom after we eat…"


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