Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1317 A man who has not had meat in a long time will continue to be a vegetarian in the future.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1317 A man who has not had meat in a long time will continue to be a vegetarian in the future.

The next morning, Pei Ge was woken up by the sunbeams filtering into the room and… the two kids by her side.

Opening her eyes, her sight was greeted by the two kids happily lying on her stomach.

"Mommy, daddy slept with us yesterday!"

Little Ran Ran's smile was akin to a kitten which had successfully stolen a fish as she looked at her mother.

She took in her daughter's smug look and proceeded to pinch her nose lightly.

"You two rascals are so shameless!"

It was truly an amusing sight to behold. The atmosphere between her and Ji Ziming was going good originally. In fact, a certain man, who had not had meat for a long time, could not bear it any longer and wanted to eat her up in the living room.

However, unexpectedly, perhaps because they were making quite the racket, the two children woke up.

When they walked into the living, hand-in-hand, looking for their mother and father, the man's face turned as black as a pot's bottom while lying atop her.

"He he! Brother and I just wanna sleep with daddy!"

The girl happily rubbed her head against her arm, acting cutely.

Pei Ge decided not to speak further on the matter upon seeing how happy her children were.

She could only slightly pity the man on the inside.

From how much her children liked him, it was likely that they would stick to their side for a time, asking the two of them to accompany them in their sleep.

"Ha ha!"

She was unable to stifle her laughter at his fix.

The two children blinked in confusion at the sight of their mother suddenly laughing.

"Mommy, what are you laughing about?"

"Did mommy think of something funny?"

Both looked at her curiously.

"Mhm! I did think of something funny!"

She nodded and smiled wildly. The moment she thought of how a certain man could only literally sleep with her every night and would be unable to do anything else, she just… felt like laughing!

"Ha ha ha!"

The children were affected by her laughter and started laughing, too.

Meanwhile, Ji Ziming, who had already finished preparing breakfast and had just entered the room to call them out, happened to see them laughing heartily.

The mother and the two children, bathed in sunlight, were such a beautiful sight that his expression turned gentle instantly.

"Time for breakfast."

He mildly interrupted the trio's happy moment.

The two kids promptly jumped out of bed upon hearing his voice and ran toward him.

"Daddy, good morning!"

"Good morning, daddy!"

Although both had very different personalities, they behaved in the same way when it came to him.

They were little children who wanted their father's love and were slightly abashed by it.

This was especially so for An An, who usually acted like a small adult; he would always behave like an actual child when in front of his father.

He was even a little abashed and reserved.

"Good morning."

Under Pei Ge's gaze, he lowered his head and greeted the two with a light smile.

This time, he could finally see that the two were actually not totally unlike him.


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