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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1319 When will you marry mommy?

Feeling the warmth on his lips, he lifted his hands and tightly hugged her to deepen it.

Under the morning sun's glare, this scene of the couple embracing each other was so picturesque.

"He he! Mommy, daddy, shame shame!"

The two children's bright eyes were glued to this sight.

An An was still mostly fine. Although he seemed mature for his age, he was in fact still a shy kid inside.

Ran Ran, for her part, was not bashful at all and even made fun of them.

Pei Ge only returned to herself when she heard her daughter's cheeky remark.

She pushed Ji Ziming aside shyly and coughed while slightly blushing.

"Let's go wash up."

With that, she quickly led the two children by the hand away from the man.

An extremely gentle smile graced his lips as he watched the woman and the kids leave the room.

"You rascal, looks like you've learned to tease your mother."

The moment they entered the washroom, Pei Ge reached out and pinched her daughter's nose in feigned anger.

"He he! Mommy, when will you get married to daddy?"

The child merely blinked her large eyes at her, though, smiling and clearly not fearing her at all.

Seeing this, she could only helplessly block her mouth with a toothbrush.

"Hurry up and brush your teeth. If you keep talking here, your food will turn cold."

Once the three of them were done washing up and brushing their teeth, she held their hands and made their way to the dining area.

Inside the dining area, they easily spotted the sumptuous breakfast filling the whole table.

All three let out a surprised cry at the table of delectable food.

"Wow! Daddy is so awesome!"

The girl widened her eyes and rushed to the table with her short legs.

"There's so much delicious food here, and it's everything big brother and I like!"

The little child chirped happily, raising her head to look at the man.

"Ziming, what time did you get up? You must've taken a long time to cook all this food."

Pei Ge also reached the table. Eyeing the carefully prepared breakfast, she felt very touched.

That was because she could feel his deep love for her and the two children.

"Not too long. Let's eat."

He stopped by their side and thoughtfully pulled chairs for them.

Once she sat down, she happily started eating.

At this moment, the ever-cheeky and -quirky girl brought up the question she had asked in the washroom again.

However, the question was not posed to her mother but to her father, instead.

"Daddy, when will you marry mommy?"

The child's cute voice was clearly not loud, but it stunned both of them.

Still, he only paused for a moment before quickly answering her question.

"As long as your mommy agrees to it, we can get married anytime."

With that, Ji Ziming turned his gaze onto the woman. His dark eyes seemed to be filled with grievance.


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