Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1323 I lost a child before, too. I know your pain.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1323 I lost a child before, too. I know your pain.

"You have everything now, so it's easy for you to say that. My child is gone, and Zhengrong doesn't want me anymore…"

Tang Xiaoyu's face was whiter than the ward's white walls.

It was so white that it was ghastly—so white that was… frightening.

Her dark eyes seemed to be void of life. Her red and tender lips were also dry and gray, making her look very haggard.

Noting such, Pei Ge felt pity and sadness more than anger for the other.

This was her best friend! She was clearly such a confident and dazzling woman, yet she looked nothing like that now!

"Look at yourself!" Her hands balled up into tight fists and her eyes reddened as she growled in a low voice. "What if you don't have a child anymore and what if you don't have that man anymore? You still have your parents. You still have me!"

She knew the feeling of losing a lover and a child. She understood it… After all, she herself had experienced it once.

Hence, she also felt extreme heartache when she saw her best friend like this now.

"What… if?! How easy you put it! I lost the child I had been looking forward to so much. I-I wished so much… t-to form a family with him…"

As she spoke, Tang Xiaoyu started sobbing.

She truly wanted to give birth to that man's child and form a happy family with him…

"Do you think I'm merely putting it easy? Have you forgotten that… I also lost a child once? Of course, I know your pain…"

She bent down and reached out, hugging her best friend loosely.

"Back then, I lost the person I loved the most, and though I gave birth to An An and Ran Ran, my Ping An was lost. He didn't even have the chance to open his eyes and look at this world before losing his life, so I of course know your pain."

She opened up about her fears and regrets to her best friend in a quivering voice.

Even if five years had passed, she was still unable to forget about her lost child. She was unable to release the pain surrounding his death.

"I've walked through so many years like that, too. Shouldn't you also be stronger than this? You are still young and still have many chances…"

Tang Xiaoyu's heart slowly calmed as she listened to her.

She felt guilty when she heard that child's name.

She had always known that her best friend did not feel anything for Gu Zhengrong. She also knew that Pei Ge was not wrong in any way in this situation, yet… she could not help but vent her anger on her.

This woman was her best friend, but… she was also the love rival she could never beat in this lifetime…

"Ge Ge, sorry… I'm so sorry…"

She reached out and hugged her back, crying loudly.

She was like a kid as she cried without a care for her image.

"I know I shouldn't have blamed you, but I was too sad… My child is gone, and Zhengrong doesn't want me anymore… I truly feel so awful, so awful…"


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