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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1324 Daddy is missing!

"I know I shouldn't have blamed you, but I was too sad… My child is gone, and Zhengrong doesn't want me anymore… I truly feel so awful, so awful…"

When she felt the wetness on her shoulder, Pei Ge felt truly miserable inside.

Having lost a child of her as well, she knew all too well that a mother's ability to withstand the pain of losing a child was really low.

This was especially so when the man whom her best friend loved so much dumped her at this time of her need.

"Xiaoyu, everything will pass; everything will pass… You'll meet someone better. You're so outstanding, so you'll definitely find someone who cares and loves you, too…"

"I'll… never meet another man I can love as much…"

"You definitely will. Trust me; it will happen…"

Her best friend cried herself to sleep as she consoled her.

Alas, her best friend's sleep was apparently not a peaceful one. Even though her eyes were closed, her brows were furrowed in restlessness as though she were having a nightmare.

Lifting her hand, she tried to smoothen her best friend's frown with an aching heart.

"Zhengrong, don't leave me, please…"

Her actions might have brought the woman some reprieve as her sleeping face eased slightly.

The latter's furrowed brows had relaxed a little, too.

"Don't worry, my friend. You'll definitely find happiness in the future…"

Although she still did not know how her best friend had lost her child, she knew that this was not the best time to ask her about it.

She stayed a while longer to watch the other sleep before leaving the hospital.

The moment she arrived home, her despondency was dissipated at the sight of her two children.

"Mommy, you're back!"

"Yeah! Brother and I have been waiting for you since earlier!"

The two kids, who were squatting by the door, welcomed the instant she entered the house.

"Mhm? What's wrong, my little ones?"

She looked suspiciously at the two.

Where has Ji Ziming gone? Didn't I have him to look after the kids? Could he be cooking in the kitchen?

Just as she was wondering about the man's whereabouts, her children started complaining to her.

"Mommy, daddy is missing!"

"Yes, he's missing!"

Solemnness and worry appeared on both kids' faces when they mentioned their father.


Hearing their words, she blinked in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

Their father's missing? Did they mean that he left?

As she thought about this, she held their hands and led them in.

She then confirmed that the man was not at home.

"Guys, where's your father?"

She frowned, feeling upset that the children were unsupervised at home.

They were merely five, and he actually left them alone without informing her.

Before the boy could reply, her daughter spoke first.

"Mommy, did something happen to daddy? He looked scared when he left in a hurry earlier! I'm afraid for daddy!"

The girl pressed her lips, worry written all over her exquisite face. Seeing this, her anger toward the man turned into concern.

"Son, what happened?"

She looked at the boy. Although her two kids were of the same age, her son had always been more mature and smarter than her daughter. He was also better at explaining things.

"Actually, daddy played with us after you left, but later, when he answered a call, his face suddenly didn't look good; I didn't hear what he talked about with the person on the other end, though."

The boy looked at his mother seriously. His neutral expression was a copy of his father's, but just like his sister's eyes, his dark orbs shone with worry.

"Daddy called you, but it wouldn't go through, so he had me take care of sister before leaving."

Following the boy's narration of the event, she quickly fished out her phone and realized that it had run out of battery.

Seriously! Why am I so absent-minded?!

She frowned in self-reproach and started feeling worried about the man.

Could he have met some trouble?

"Mommy, do you think something happened to daddy? I'm really worried about him…"

The girl's eyes became misty when she saw her mother frowning, and she appeared as though she would cry.

Pei Ge could no longer bother thinking of where the man had gone at this sight and just quickly scooped up her daughter comfortingly.

"Baby, nothing happened to your father; he must've just something urgent at work."

She gently patted the girl's back comfortingly.

"If you don't believe me, I'll give your daddy a call right now."

The two children's eyes brightened up the moment they heard that she would call their father.

"Yes, yes, yes! Mommy, call quickly! Call quickly!"

Her daughter's head bobbed repeatedly just like a woodpecker.

She charged her phone and turned it on as the two children looked on with anticipation.

The moment the phone was turned on, she saw numerous missed calls from the man.

There were even messages from him, and when she opened one of them…

[Pei Ge, I have something urgent to deal with and will be out for a while. I'll be back soon.]

She could not help frowning at the message. It was odd because his trip to New York was a last-minute plan, so he should not have any business matter to deal with here.

Still, given her understanding of him, he would not suddenly leave the children alone because of anything trivial.

What happened exactly?

The matter must be really important!


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