Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1325 He is catching up to her as their father.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1325 He is catching up to her as their father.

As the children hurried her, she quickly gave the man a call.

"Has daddy picked up yet? Has he?"

The call had just been made, and the two children were already asking her that.

"Not yet."

She shook her head lightly as suspicion filled her eyes.

Under normal circumstances, the man would pick up her call in a few seconds of ringing regardless of what he was doing.


Just as she thought that the call would not get through his phone, it did.

"Hello, Pei Ge…"

Hearing his deep and chilly voice coming from the other end, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Ziming, where have you gone? The two kids are really worried about you."

Her tone was mild, yet her voice was laced with worry.

"I'll go back now."

The man did not answer her question.

She frowned even more at his reply.

"Did something happen?"

Her sixth sense was telling her that the man had been keeping something from her.

"No, don't overthink things. I'll be back home shortly."


Despite his reassurance, she remained skeptical.

"Yes, I'll bring back some desserts for you and the two kids, so be good."

He laughed gently.

The crease of her brows eased when she heard his laughter.


"Mommy, mommy! Let us speak with daddy!"

Seeing the smile on their mother's face, Ran Ran anxiously tugged at the corner of her mother's shirt with her fair hand.

At the two children's look of anticipation, Pei Ge shook her head in amusement and told the man on the other end, "Your two precious children don't trust you and are insisting on speaking to you."


She could imagine how Ji Ziming looked right now when she heard his 'okay'.

"Here. Take the phone."

As she said this, she turned on the speaker and passed the phone to the two.

"Daddy, daddy!"

Her daughter hastily took the phone from her.

"What's the matter Ran Ran?"

The man sounded exceptionally gentle and caring, just like a real, loving father.

"Daddy, I'm so worried about you! The next time you leave, please bring me and brother with you! You have no idea how worried we were when you suddenly left! We couldn't eat or sleep well!"

The girl looked adorable when she acted pitiful to her father over the phone.

Even the boy appeared slightly pitiful after being influenced by his sister.

She shook her head in amusement again at the sight of her children acting petulant. Indeed, the pull of blood was really strong. Even if she had yet to tell her children that their father was Ji Ziming, they seemed to feel it right from the start with the way they regarded the man and only him as their father.

The man patiently listened to the two's nagging before hanging up once it was agreed that he would bring them back something.

"Mommy, when do you think daddy will be back?"

"Do you think he'll meet an alien on his way home?"

The children's world was always filled with fantasies and imaginations. The moment the call ended, they started letting their imaginations run wild.

All the questions about villains and aliens were brought up.

It was the first time that she had seen them act their age. Even if they were young, they did not say such childlike stuff before.

The two children must have truly received a shock when the man left so suddenly.

"Alright. Stop imagining things. Let's go prepare our food in the kitchen!"

Both children were stunned by her words, and confusion was written all over their faces.

They appeared to be asking, 'Mommy, why are we cooking?'

"You two are truly heartless! It's always your father who's been cooking for us. Since he isn't around today, shouldn't we give him a surprise and cook for him?"

The children's eyes brightened at their mother's words.

"Yes! Let's go cook for daddy, too!"

Their minds stopped wandering as they followed their mother into the kitchen to prepare food with her.

The food was nearly cooked when the man arrived home.


The moment they heard the noise coming from the door, the two raced out of the kitchen, leaving their mother behind.

Pei Ge laughed in amusement at having been 'abandoned' by the children.

Tsk! It seemed that her place in the children's hearts was wavering.

Ji Ziming was actually catching up to her as their father.



Once they left the kitchen, they immediately saw their father changing into his slippers.

Their eyes widened at the items in his hands.

"Daddy, what did you buy for us?"

The girl ran to him and hugged his legs tightly like a koala bear.

Although the boy was not as active as his sister, he, too, walked up to him quickly and looked up at him.

No matter how strong the man's heart was, it nearly melted at these two looking at him with wide, watery eyes.

Even though he already had experience being a father, he was still quite detached from his son because of Qiao Jingyun.

Despite fulfilling all his son's materialistic needs, he was unable to give him much fatherly love.

He realized that he was not a strict father when it came to these two, though.

"I brought you guys your favorites."


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