Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1331 Since I love her, I will not let those things happen to her.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1331 Since I love her, I will not let those things happen to her.

"Ah! I'm famished!"

Pei Ge could not be bothered with what Ji Ziming thought as she only felt hungry right now after waking up from a nightmare like that.

Could that nightmare have consumed so much of her energy?

She laughed at her absurd thought and no longer took it to heart.

Hearing her declare that, the two little guys eagerly said, "Mommy, daddy is already done preparing dinner!"

"Yes, yes, yes! He prepared a lot of delicious dishes!"

The girl drooled like a hungry kitten at this point.

Her mother stood up as well the moment she heard their words.

She then smiled and hugged the man sitting on the bed before planting a kiss on his cheek.

"It's really fantastic to have you!"

Sensing the warmth on his face, the corners of the man's lips could not help but curl up. He, too, forgot about the doubts he had just then.

"Let's eat if you're hungry."

He patted her back lightly.

"Mhm! He he!"

Just like this, the family of four went to the dining room.

Pei Ge's eyes brightened up at the sight of the mouthwatering dishes on the table.

Although she had long known about Ji Ziming's excellent culinary skills, she would still feel shocked every time she saw a table full of his delicious cooking.

"Looks yummy!"

She sat down, received a bowl of soup from the man, and started eating.

It seemed that she was truly famished!

After eating for a while, she put down her chopsticks and began conversing with the man.

"I was planning to bring the kids to my mom's place earlier this afternoon, but who knew…"

Who knew that she would sleep until it was already dark outside?

"It's alright. We can just go there tomorrow since I'm free over the next few days."

The man gave this response as he picked up some dishes for her.

She nodded and mumbled, "Alright. Then, we'll go there tomorrow. It's just nice; I'll visit Xiaoyu tonight, instead."

Her face looked unwell upon recalling that her best friend was still confined at the hospital.

She really had no idea if her best friend could emerge from this nightmarish experience with Gu Zhengrong.

Right now, her best friend was just like her past self.

Fortunately, though, Pei Ge still had her two kids and, most importantly, the man she loved.

As for… her best friend, it was unknown whether that boyfriend of hers had feelings for her at all?

No, he must have feelings for her, but… whether it was love or something else could not be determined.

Just the fact that that guy had not visited Tang Xiaoyu at the hospital even after she had tried committing suicide made her feel indignant for her best friend.

"Ziming, I…"

She was about to ask a question to the man but stopped herself when she saw that their two kids were still around.

"Hmm? What is it?"

The man was perplexed upon noting her hesitation to speak.

"An An, Ran Ran, if you are done, go and play outside. Mommy and daddy have something important to talk about." She told her children, who were done with their food and were now just sitting there obediently.

Hearing their mother's instruction, the two could only leave the dining room and headed to the playroom by themselves.

Pei Ge only turned to ask the man once she was sure that their children were out of earshot.

"If a woman had a miscarriage and even committed suicide because of you, would you visit her at the hospital?"

She stared fervently at the man, wanting to know whether both sexes thought alike.

"Your question is redundant." Sensing her fervent gaze, the man gave this calm reply.

She was taken aback by his reply. She had thought of numerous answers except for the one he gave.

"Hm? Why?"

"If I loved that woman, I wouldn't let such a thing happen to her in the first place."

His eyes were so dark and emotionless, but she could tell that he was serious.

If that guy really loved her best friend, he would not let such a tragedy happen to her.

Thus, it could be said that the guy truly felt nothing for her best friend…

"I understand…"

She lowered her head as her face darkened from the indignation she felt for her best friend.

Her best friend was with that guy for a long time, but no matter how many sacrifices she had done for his sake, that man remained unmoved…

Anger rose in her heart when she thought about it.

Seeing her looking angry, the man sitting next to her gently covered her hand with his.

"Alright. Let's not think of things that only make you angry."

She nodded lightly.

"I'll go to the hospital to visit Xiaoyu later; please take care of the kids for me."

"I'll follow you there."

The man refused after looking at the dark sky.

"No need. Just stay home with the kids."

"It's already this late."

Without explaining himself further, she knew that the man was worried about her.

She blinked and smiled, mumbling, "Don't worry; I'm more familiar with this place than you are. Stop worrying about me; you can just pick me up when I'm heading back!"

At her insistence, he could only look after the children at home.

She, thus, went to the hospital to visit her best friend in an upbeat mood, but this good mood of hers only lasted until she arrived at the hospital.

That was because she saw Gu Zhengrong in her best friend's ward.

"Do you really hate me this much…"

"I don't hate you; I just don't love you. Forget about me and let yourself go. It's impossible between us."

Before she could enter the ward, she heard the two's conversation from the hallway.

Just as she moved to enter the room to scold the man, Tang Xiaoyu's next question stunned her.

"Do you really love Pei Ge that much?!"


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