Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1332 I really regret funding your studies back then!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1332 I really regret funding your studies back then!

"Do you really love Pei Ge that much?!"

This question caused her to stop in her tracks and stand outside the ward expressionlessly.

There was helplessness in her eyes.

She knew that her best friend was very obstinate, but she did not know that Tang Xiaoyu would be so stubborn when it came to matters like this.

Even though she had already said that it was impossible for her to like Gu Zhengrong, and nothing would ever happen between them, her best friend… still kept on bringing it up.

"Yes, I love her. It's been like that for a long time, and it hasn't changed even by a bit."

The man sounded so nonchalant, and though his voice contained no emotions, the sincerity could be felt clearly from it.

"What about me?! What am I to you?!" she demanded hysterically, on the brink of having a breakdown.

The voice was particularly heartbreaking as it seemed to belong to someone dying.

"I've always considered you as my younger sister…"

"Ha ha ha! Younger sister! Younger sister—to hell with that!"

She hurled the glass filled with on the floor.

Smash! Pei Ge was also pulled back to her senses by this loud sound.

"Would you sleep with your younger sister?! Would you get her pregnant with your child?! Would you kill her child with your hands?!"

She was completely dumbfounded to hear Tang Xiaoyu's barrage of questions.

Kill the child… with his hands…

It couldn't be?!

A look of disbelief flashed across her face!

Could the child have been killed by him?!

She really could not believe her guess.

That was because the answer was too terrifying to think about!

"I've said before—"

Before the man could explain himself, she entered the ward and glared at him.

This glare was full of murderous intent.

The man forgot what he was going to say the moment she barged in and could only look at her in shock.

"You're gone too far! Xiaoyu was yearning for that child; how could you be so cruel?! Even if you don't like my best friend, that child is innocent!"

She walked to her best friend's side, her heart aching when she saw her best friend looking pale and unwell.

The latter used to be a proud and confident woman who lived her life to the fullest, but everything had changed ever since she met this guy.

"Ge Ge, I think you're mistaken about me…"

The man frowned slightly at her.

"Mistaken? What's there to be mistaken about!"

Just as he moved to explain himself, he was interrupted by his former girlfriend.

"Even if you felt nothing for me, just because of her, you could do that to my child. My child…"

Tang Xiaoyu could no longer continue as she felt choked by her overwhelming emotions.

Her reddened eyes brimmed with tears in her unwillingness to talk about the harsh reality.

Even if she did not finish speaking, though, the other woman could already guess what she wanted to say just by looking at her face.

Pei Ge gently wrapped her hand around her best friend's and then shot the man an icy stare.

"I really didn't expect you to be such a scum."

Her frosty words stabbed the man right into his heart.

The one thing that he was most concerned about was her.

Right now, however, the woman that he was most concerned about said something like that to him; how could he not feel upset?

He moved to explain himself to her but the woman spoke first.

"I really regret funding your studies back then. I'm really regretting it now."

At the sight of her best friend looking so pale and in despair, she took a deep breath and regarded the man coldly.

She honestly regretted it.

If only I hadn't done that in the past, none of these would've happened…

If… If there were no Gu Zhengrong, Tang Xiaoyu might not become like this…

Her words stabbed his heart like sharp knives, causing him to be in extreme pain.

"…" He felt suffocated and could hardly breathe.

He was stumped and his head kept replaying the woman's words.

'I really regret funding your studies back then.

'I'm really regretting it…'

She truly regretted… The girl, who had brought light in his life, the one who had revived him, the person who had given him courage, actually told him that she regretted it.

His face turned ashen and his body shook as if he had received a big blow.

Although Tang Xiaoyu felt better seeing him like this, her heart ached a little for him, too.

"Ge Ge, y-you… listen to my explanation…"

Taking a deep breath, the man, who was looking pale in the face, tried to explain himself but was not given a chance by the woman.

"Disappear from my sight right this instant. I don't wanna see your face ever again. If you really want to repay me, please stay away from my best friend in the future."

Having said that, the woman did not bother waiting for his reply and just pushed him out of the ward.

Bang! The door was shut in his face, and he found himself standing outside the ward.

Staring at the closed door of the ward, he could only smile bitterly. Eventually, he sighed helplessly and left the place quietly…

After the man was driven out, the spacious ward was left with the two ladies.

Pei Ge looked at her Tang Xiaoyu's pale face and quickly questioned the latter regarding what she had just heard earlier.

"I'm curious how you lost your child; did that guy really harm it?"

Although she was on her best friend's side, she was still slightly suspicious.

That was because that guy was not the type to harm an innocent life.

"Huh… Do you really wanna know?"


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