Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1337 He used to me, and half a decade later, he still does.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1337 He used to me, and half a decade later, he still does.

Upon hearing her daughter's explanation, Zhang Manhua did not look any better.

After all, she knew of her daughter's pain all these years.

She also knew that, without her grandchildren, her daughter might have been unable to cope with it.

"Ge Ge, I'm unsure what you're thinking, but I advise against you continuing your marriage with this man."

Pei Ge had already expected that her mother would not treat Ji Ziming nicely.

Hearing the older woman's words, the man pursed his lips. When he noted her icy expression, he said, "Mom, please give me a chance to make it up to your daughter—"

The latter interjected. "Don't call me 'mom'; I don't have a son like you, nor do I have such a son-in-law!"

She scoffed. Clearly, the older woman hated him bringing her daughter all that pain.




Seeing that she was unwilling to show any good will or speak politely to him, Pei Ge and the two little fellows protested.

"Grandma, don't be angry with our daddy; he's actually very nice!"

"That's right; please don't be angry, grandma!"

Both children tugged their grandmother's arms at either side and acted cutesy in hopes of winning favor for their father.

Although Zhang Manhua was very gentle to the children, she still did not give him any face. Even with the two pleading on his behalf, her decision remained the same.

Seeing her mother's firm stance and unwillingness for her to be with the man, Pei Ge could only sigh helplessly.

"Mom, back then, it's all a misunderstanding between us, and it's really not his fault…"

Despite her daughter's explanation, the older woman's decision did not waver and shot the other a helpless look before sighing.

"Have you forgotten all the grievances you've gone through all these years? Could it be that you've forgotten how you lost a—" Child, and how Ping An passed away?

Zhang Manhua stopped talking when she realized that she had said something she should not have.

Although she did not complete her sentence, her daughter understood what she meant.

The latter's gaze darkened, and her facial expression slightly changed.

This change was captured by Ji Ziming, who was standing next to her. He frowned and felt that something was off.

"He caused you so much hurt back then; how could you still be with this man?"

Her mother could not stand that this young chap had once caused his daughter immeasurable pain. The moment she recalled all the grievances her daughter had felt before, her heart would ache.

She treated her daughter like a gem and protected her to the utmost of her ability, but the latter just had to plant herself on this man and be so aggrieved. How could she forgive him?

"Mom… I know; I still remember those things, but five years have passed. We need to look ahead." Pei Ge took a deep breath. She was about to continue when she felt a pair of hot and cold hands wrapping around hers.

She looked up and saw the man. Suddenly, an unknown sense of strength whelmed her heart.

"Mom, I suffered a lot five years ago, but he was also a victim then. We're all victims, and it only turned out this way because of some misunderstandings. He used to love me, and five years later, his feelings haven't changed, and he still loves me."

She looked serious when she said that.

"Ziming and I have already wasted many years, and we don't wanna continue doing so. I love him. I really love him; that's why, mom, don't stop us, please? I hope that you can stop misunderstanding him and give us your blessing."

The moment she made this imploration, she sensed the man's grip on her hands tightening.

Looking at these two before her, the older woman began to feel weak for some reason.

Perhaps she knew, deep down, that her daughter would not abide by her will.

"Forget it; I get it. A grown girl can't be kept at home…"

She shook her helplessly and sighed softly.

Pei Ge knew that her words had hurt her mother to a certain extent. She broke free of the man's grip and wrapped her hands tightly around her mother's, instead.

"Mom, I know; I know that you're doing and saying that for my good. I don't blame you, but I just… don't want my children to be fatherless. I want to give them a complete family."

"Got it. My grandkids do need a complete family—a father."

Zhang Manhua turned to look at the two children, who were hugging her arms, and she nodded eventually.

Nonetheless, all along, she felt that Egger was much more suitable for her daughter and grandchildren than Ji Ziming!

At least, that other man had never hurt her daughter, whereas this one before her did, and it was so thorough, too! Plus, he even caused her daughter to lose a child and to almost lose An An and Ran Ran…

The moment she thought of this, her gaze on the young chap became icier.

Pei Ge understood her mother best and easily knew that the latter had thought of Ping An. She immediately tried to change the topic.

"Oh, right, mom. Where's Uncle Caesar? Why isn't he here?"

Her mother's expression eased slightly upon hearing that guy's name.

"Something cropped up home, so he left this morning to deal with it. It's a pity you came slightly late; you didn't get to meet him."

"Oh, it's like that; Here I was thinking something differently!"

She nodded and teasingly told her mother that.

"You, d*mn lass, what are you thinking that head of yours again?"

"He he! I didn't think anything! Mom, what are you talking about?"

The room's atmosphere became better with their bantering. Pei Ge mustered up the courage to ask her mother out for lunch.

"Mom, let's take Ziming's car and go out for lunch later!"


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