Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1339 How much do you love her? More than myself.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1339 How much do you love her? More than myself.

"Do you know that she lost one—"

At this point, Ji Ziming was frowning as he paid close attention to what the older woman was saying.

Alas, before she could finish speaking, her daughter led the two kids back into the room.


"Grandma, what did you and daddy talk about?"

The two children saw that their grandmother was unhappy when they entered the room and thought that the two had quarreled again; thus, they quickly acted cutesy to her.

Zhang Manhua swallowed her words upon seeing them.

"It's nothing."

Pei Ge eyed the two. Although her mother's tone remained hostile and distant, she could tell that the latter had given in a little.

She was no longer as repulsive of him as she was initially.

This was a good sign!

She happily took her seat beside the man and then gently held his hand under the table.

The pair, thus, covertly held hands like a secret couple.

After their lunch was over, seeing that the older woman was still lively, Pei Ge brought their family to the shopping mall and bought many things there.

Of course, the man paid for everything and was the one pushing the carts.

It was a rare sight to behold—the great CEO, who had many at his beck and call, was currently trailing after a particular mother-daughter pair like a faithful slave.

However, even if he was like a 'slave', he did not display any displeasure or unwillingness at all.

In fact, he even seemed to be pretty… elated?

After shopping for a few hours, the family finally got tired. They decided to take a short break inside a dessert shop before they hopped in Ji Ziming's car and drove back to the sanatorium.

Pei Ge considered taking this chance to bring her mother back home, but with her mother's reluctance, they eventually decided against it.

She did not force it since her mother was unwilling. Anyway, she was not done wrapping things up here.

Moreover, she might even be moving back to China pretty soon, so there was no need to get her mother discharged.

Therefore, the family of five returned to the sanatorium.

By the time they got there, the earlier, bright sky had already taken a dark-orange hue.

"Mom, let me hang around and chat with you some more."

Taking a seat beside her mother, she picked up the fruit knife and started peeling an apple.

"You lass, I know that I can't change your stubborn mind. I'll leave you to decide what is between you and that young chap, but…"

As the man in question was playing with the two kids in the garden, this pair of mother and daughter could talk openly inside the house.

"Mom, just speak your mind."

She smiled softly at her mother in encouragement.

"I'm worried that his parents might not agree easily…"

Her mother looked at her in worry.

As a parent, since she was unhappy with how the young man had hurt her daughter back then, similarly, she expected that his parents would also not like her daughter, who had suddenly disappeared before the wedding.

Pei Ge paused at this and nodded.

"Yes, his parents seem to hold a grudge against me for suddenly disappearing back then, so…"

Despite revealing this, she still did not mention how the Ji family had found themselves a suitable fiancée for their son, background-wise, and how he had a child now.

"As expected. Sigh!"

Her mother sighed, suddenly at a loss for words, only revealing a look of heartache for her.

"Must it be him?"

"Yes, mom. It can only be him."

She nodded without a second's hesitation.

"Plus, An An and Ran Ran are his children. Other than him, I can't think of who else to be their father. Mom, you also saw how much the two like him. Similarly, he also likes them a lot."

"…I saw it. This might be the attraction of their blood connection."

Her mother was exasperated. Who would have expected that, despite not meeting for years and the two children not having a clue that the man was their biological father, they would still like him so much?

After chatting for a while, the older woman finally agreed to talk to the man alone.

She of course did not reject her and went out to call him.

"Ziming, my mom is calling you. She wants to talk with you alone, so go in."

The man immediately stopped his conversation with the kids at the lawn and walked over upon hearing that.

The children trailed after him toward their mother.


He nodded at her and moved to enter the house.

Little Ran Ran ran to his front and stopped him just then, saying, "Daddy! If grandma wants to scold you again, just call me! She won't be able to scold you if I'm there!"

Both the girl's parents felt their hearts nearly melting at such a cute declaration from her.

More than that, they were amused by her words.

"You child, what are you saying? Grandma will be sad if she hears you!"

She shook her head in amusement and lightly poked her daughter's forehead.

"Alright. Go in."

Amid her gentle voice, Ji Ziming entered the room.

The moment he did, he tensed up.

He stopped before Zhang Manhua and softly greeted her.


The latter looked up at him and gestured for him to sit.

The man sat on the sofa across from her.

"Do you love my daughter?"

She immediately started her sharp and vicious 'attacks' the moment he sat down.

"I love her," he answered simply.

"How much do you love her?"

"More than I love myself, my parents, and my children."


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