Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1341 The actual person who saved him is her!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1341 The actual person who saved him is her!

"That's something very odd. It's been so many years, yet the culprit who drove the car into my daughter hasn't been identified. The strangest thing is that the place of the accident was nowhere near our home at that time; instead, it's in a remote area."

Ji Ziming's flawless face instantly frosted over upon hearing that.

"Mom, did you mean that Pei Ge's car accident was premeditated?"

"That's not exactly it…"

She shook her head and recounted the incident, albeit with a touch of uncertainty. "Back then, Ge Ge couldn't take her father's death so she ran out alone and disappeared for a whole day. After that…"

That foolish woman indeed cared about her father so much; otherwise, she would not return to China for revenge.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to meet her too…

"After that, it's when the police called that I found where she was."

At this point, her forehead was furrowed tightly.

"According to the results of the medical exams, she was hit by a van, possibly on purpose."


Those people who kidnapped him many years ago surfaced from his memory. They were also driving a van.

"Also, the strangest thing is that the place where the accident happened… It's on a remote road, which was very far from our home then."

"A remote road… "

"Yes. As the place the police told me was quite special, I still remember that, at that time, there were rows of balsam trees along that secluded road."

"What?! Balsam trees?!"

The man, who was already sensitive to the mention of vans, suddenly felt that Pei Ge's accident was not a simple one upon hearing about the rows of balsam trees! In fact, it might even be related to his kidnapping incident!

That was because he also remembered that there were rows of balsam trees near the place where he was locked up back then—the sight was something very unique!

"What's wrong?"

His exaggerated reaction made the older woman look at him quizzically.

Why is his reaction so big? Even if he loves my daughter, this reaction is quite exaggerated and inconceivable.

"Mom, could you tell me the date Pei Ge got in an accident?"

"It's on her father's death anniversary, the 10th May."

The moment she gave that reply, his face instantly turned dark and cold.

His present expression was extremely solemn!

Tenth of May…

It was also on the day he was kidnapped!

Tenth of May, balsam trees, a van…

Everything was too much of a coincidence!

A ridiculous idea popped in his head, and that was… the girl who had saved him back then was not Qiao Jingyun! He had identified the wrong person!

The actual person who had saved him was—

Pei Ge!

Thump, thump!

No matter how powerful and calm he was, he still could not help but panic inside.

However, if the person who had saved him was his beloved woman, then… what was up with that other woman?

There were only the two of them in the dark and small room at that time…

Suddenly, he recalled the words his girlfriend had said upon waking from her deep sleep that day—

'I dreamed that someone locked me up in a very dark room. There were three people in the room that were locked up…'

Three people! Three people! If there were three people, then everything made sense!

Seeing the frigidity and confusion on his face, the perplexed older woman asked, "What is it? Is there something wrong?"

"It's nothing."

Regaining his senses, he spoke lightly. "Mom, rest assured; I'll definitely find the driver who hit your daughter at that time."

If he recalled correctly, the kidnappers from back then were all locked in prison.

Looks like it's time to go to the prison to meet those 'old friends' of mine.

As for Qiao Jingyun…

When he recalled that woman, a dark and sharp glint flashed past his eyes.

If she's truly not the girl, if she truly lied to me, then this time, I won't have any more concerns or give her any more face; I'll let her… properly have a taste of what is called living!

'Little big brother! Shame, shame, shame! You're still scared of the darkness!

'Don't be afraid. You have me by your side! I'll sing you a song!

'Little big brother, I thought of a way to help you get out!

'He he! After you get out, find uncle police to come save me! I'm not scared of the dark!'

Suddenly, he recalled the words the little girl had said to him back then and how she had used her frail shoulders, as well as all her energy, to lift him, allowing him to escape that place successfully…

Slowly, the hazy and shadowy figure in his mind transformed into Pei Ge.

'Little big brother, you're so stupid! You actually recognized the wrong person; I am Pei Ge!'


He was startled awake instantly. Beads of sweat peppered his forehead. There was a look of fright on his face—an expression that had never been there.

If… If I really identified the wrong person and Pei Ge was truly the girl who had saved me…

He was suddenly at a loss.

At that time, he liked that girl so much… wanted to save her so much.

Alas, he had saved the wrong person and caused her to get hurt so much. He had even… recognized the wrong person and doted on that imposter. He even had thoughts of wanting to marry the woman who had assumed her identity…

Thinking about this, he was unable to forgive himself even more.

"Daddy, grandma!"

Just as his mind was in a muddled state, An An and Ran Ran ran into the room with their short legs.

"Grandma, did you bully our daddy?"

The moment she got in the room, the girl ran toward her grandmother and swung her arm while acting cutesy.

"You child, what are you saying? You don't want grandma now that you have a daddy?"

Zhang Manhua feigned anger and pinched little Ran Ran's small nose.

"Of course not! I like daddy, and I also like grandma a lot! I just hope that you two can get along well!"

The older woman shook her head in amusement at the little girl's words.

My grandkids are truly my daughter's children. They have a surprisingly identical treatment to me and this young chap!


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