Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1351 If you do not believe it, take a look at this paternity test.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1351 If you do not believe it, take a look at this paternity test.

"Dad, mom, I'm not marrying Qu Jingwan; I will only marry Pei Ge—the woman who gave birth to my two children."

Everyone in the living room paused when they heard his words.

Even Pei Ge froze.

She did not expect him to say something like that.

After all, too many things happened recently. She had not had the time to tell the two kids that this man was their dad.

When she looked down and saw the confusion on their faces, she felt her head throb.

"Son, what are you saying?!"

His mother was in disbelief, and when she recovered from it, she frowned at her son.

"How could that be?! Aren't this woman's children Fu Mingxuan's? The Fu family has already agreed to letting your childhood buddy marry her.

"Though they didn't explain it, everyone in the circle knows that your childhood buddy's parents only relented because this woman gave birth to their grandchildren!"

This time, even the woman in question was in utter shock.

Huh? What is this all about?

"Wait a sec! Who said that my children are Fu Mingxuan's?!"

She thought that it was ludicrous!

Even if her children were not Ji Ziming's, they were definitely not that guy's, either!

She did not have any relations with that guy, okay?!

"I don't know what means you're using to charm my son, but I hope that you don't continue harassing him. Our family will never accept a promiscuous woman like you."

Mister Ji, who had not said anything, looked sharply at her.

Even though the man looked a lot older than he did five years ago, his aura was still as they were before.

"Qu Jingwan is the chosen daughter-in-law of this family. We've decided on the wedding of her and our son."

Pei Ge did not expect Ji Ziming to bring her here to face such a scene.

She was fine with dealing with unfriendly voices, but her children…

At this thought, she caught the uneasy expression and pursed lips of her kids, and her heart ached.

"Hey, don't tell me that you brought me here to announce the wedding your parents have set up for you?!"

Pulling her children behind her, she looked unhappily at the man.

"Honey, don't be mad; I just wanna sort through everything today."

His reaction was like a wife-slave with how he pleaded at her the moment he saw that she was mad.

Everyone's expression hardened at his term of endearment for the woman.

The expression on the faces of the three women of the Qus was especially hard.

"Son, I think you're really gone! As long as I'm here, I refuse to let this promiscuous woman into our family!"

His father was upset when he saw how cowardly his son was behaving.

"Dad, mom, I've told you before; you've misunderstood Pei Ge. Her two children are really mine. If you don't believe me, you can take a look at this paternity test."


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