Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1353 Are they really children of the Ji family?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1353 Are they really children of the Ji family?

"Mommy, daddy… Is daddy really our father? Ran Ran isn't dreaming, right?"

In the large living room, the two little buns stared at Ji Ziming quietly with their doe eyes. Their child-like faces were full of suspicion and curiosity.

Only joy was missing from their faces.

No sign of joy upon discovering that he was their father could be seen.

Pei Ge felt her heart ache when she saw the expression on their faces.

"An An, Ran Ran, sorry… Mommy didn't tell you in advance."

She wanted to find an appropriate chance to tell them that the man was their father, but there had been too many things going on recently, so before she could tell them about it, the two found out sans a preparation.

"Mommy, is daddy really our father? Our real father?"

The girl raised her head and looked at her mother with a complicated expression.

Even the usually calm boy had a conflicted expression on his face.

"Yes, he's your father—your real father."

She squatted and explained this to them patiently, afraid of the two getting hurt.

The two kids shook their heads in confusion when she confirmed it, alas.

"If we're his children, why did he leave mommy for so many years? Why didn't he stay with us?" asked her daughter.

When she spoke of her father, she had an expression of unhappiness on her face.

"Besides, if dad's really our father, why did his parents say that we're not his children?"

The little guys' voice reverberated in the living room, and the expressions on the man and his parents' faces were not pretty.

"Mommy, I don't like this…"

The girl held her mother's hand in a tight grip.

The boy nodded, too, as his small hand gripped his mother's arm as well. His voice was tender, but his words were mature.

"Mommy, they don't like you, nor do they welcome us. Let's go back. I can live with only you and without a daddy; I can live with only grandma."

The tender but mature voice struck the man and his parents in their hearts, and they became a little panicky.

"You two, don't imagine things; daddy likes you very much. You are my beloved and awaited children, and your mommy is my only wife."

Ji Ziming walked over his children and his woman and put his arms around her.

"Don't get mad at daddy; I just didn't know about your existence before."

Hearing that, the two kids looked at each other. Even though they did not say anything, their expressions were no longer so distant and angry.

"Mom, dad, I don't care if you acknowledge Pei Ge. If the daughter-in-law you have in mind is Qu or Li, I'm not going along with it. My wife will only be this one before you now."

His parents only returned to themselves when they heard his words.

They did not know what to say as they looked at him as he stood next to Pei Ge while she held the hands of the two children.

"Son… ar-are they really children of the Ji family? Are they really our grandchildren?"


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