Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1356 Because he is my son! I have triplets!
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1356 Because he is my son! I have triplets!

"Mommy. It isn't me who's hurting! It's little brother! Wu wu…"

Pei Ge felt her heart constrict as she watched her daughter cry in pain. At the same time, she took in what her daughter had just said.

"Daughter, what are you saying? What do you mean by it not being you who's hurting?"

She had an ominous feeling.

"Mommy, li-little brother is in pain right now…"

The girl kept sobbing while gripping her chest, her face turning whiter by the second.

It seemed that her heart, which had supposedly been cured, was acting up again.

"Hey, what are you saying exactly?"

She felt very flustered to see her daughter like this.

She had a hazy conjecture but was unable to confirm it at the moment.

"Pei Ge, don't rush. I have called the doctor," whispered the man in her ear, calming her.

Alas, her attention was on their daughter's words.

"What do you mean exactly? Are you saying that your little brother isn't feeling well right now?"

She hurriedly asked her daughter. The latter often referred to Ji Chi as her little brother, so with her saying that…

Her heart squeezed despite the ridiculousness of this situation.

Still, if-if it's true, th-then…

At this point, her heart trembled even more, and she was unable to control her grip on her daughter's shoulders.

"Mommy, don't panic. What little sister means is that something may be happening to Ji Chi now!"

Standing beside them, An An calmly explained it as he watched his younger sister cry, full of panic, to the point of being incoherent.

It was only when he spoke that everyone's attention turned to him.

"Mommy, we actually have something we've never told you before, and that's that little sister can somehow feel little bro's pain…"


Hearing that, Pei Ge's face instantly turned white as her whole body trembled.

So… So… my guess is really correct!

Ji Chi is really…

"Child, what nonsense are you spouting? How can your sister sense my grandson's pain? Your sister must be sick; our baby boy is totally fine!"

Madam Ji did not believe a word of his as she shook her head with amusement.

Her grandson was still having an afternoon nap, so where would the pain come from?

Children these days really liked to daydream.

"No! What he said is true! My daughter isn't hurt anywhere! It's truly because Ji Chi is in pain! She can really feel his pain!"

Pei Ge stood up at once and turned her blazing eyes onto the man and his mother as she spoke resolutely.

"That's impossible!"

The man's mother swiftly refuted it.

She took a deep breath when the Ji couple did not believe her.

"It's the truth because he's my son! They are triplets! He is An An's twin younger brother and Ran Ran's twin older brother!"


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