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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1361 No one can hurt our children...

"Ran Ran, tell mommy… Do you know where your brother is right now?"

Pei Ge gripped her daughter's shoulders tightly and asked in a shaky voice.

The latter could not help but feel frightened.

She turned to look at her oldest brother helplessly, and upon receiving his encouraging gaze, she blinked her eyes and gently shook her head.

"I'm sorry, mommy; I don't know."

Her mother's mind turned blank at once. All she could think now was, from how that woman had taken her son so timely, it meant that she was ready to take a stand against the Ji family!

Also, her daughter said that she was in pain… due to someone hurting her brother…

God! She did not dare think further on the danger her son might be in now!


"Are you okay?"

The two kids got nervous when they saw their mother sitting there paralyzed. Their faces were clouded with worry as their eyes shone with panic.

Ji Ziming anxiously pulled her up from the floor and shielded her in his embrace when he saw her like that.

He lowered his head and gently consoled her at her blank expression. "Don't be like this, alright? Our son is waiting for us to get him. You can't lose it now."

"Get him…"

The woman slowly returned to herself, her gaze finally regaining focus.

"Yes, we must get him. Believe me; nothing will happen to him because none can hurt our children…"

The man was now in deep regret, not having expected the boy to be his and this woman's child.

He felt remorse when he recalled how he had treated his son coldly because of Qiao Jingyun.

That was his and Pei Ge's child…

"Mhm. We'll go get him!"

Seemingly having been encouraged by his words, the woman nodded with vigor.

She pushed him away, her aura changing drastically, as though a dried log which had been revived and was now full of life.

Qiao Jingyun, how dare you steal my child away? Now, you've actually treated him like that… You've thoroughly angered me this time, so no matter what you're capable of, I'll definitely make you pay for your deeds!

For the first time, she was furious.

For the first time, she wanted someone dead.

"Ziming, I'll go make a call."

As she thought of this, she exited the room.

She was panicking so much earlier that she had actually forgotten that she was no longer the same person from before.

She now also had her connections and power.

Watching her leave, his lips moved slightly. She… still doesn't really place her trust on me…

"…I want you to track Qiao Jingyun!"

After giving out this order through the phone, she hung up. Her face was filled with a frigid ruthlessness.

At this moment, anyone who knew Regina would definitely exclaim, This is our iron queen!

She turned around and moved to return to the living room.


Her phone rang then.

She frowned slightly at the sound of her phone's ringtone and brought it out again.

Looking at the unknown number displayed on its screen, her lips twitched slightly. She did not want to pick up this call, but when it kept ringing, she decided to answer it in the end.


"Hello, Ge Ge; this is Fu Mingxuan."

She subconsciously wanted to hang up the moment she heard the gentle voice of her senior.

However, she changed her mind at his next words.

"I've been calling you for some time now, but my call only got through today. Did something happen? Oh, right. I told my family about us, and they agreed to it. No one can stop us from being together now—"

Perhaps because he was too elated from her answering his call, the man did not wait for her reply before saying that.

This went on until she interrupted.

"Senior, we've never had any relation, so where did your 'no one can stop us from being together' come from?"

Her head was throbbing. She had never done anything inappropriate with the guy, so why was he always like this?

"How can we not have any relationship? We… clearly already have two, adorable children."

She found it even more laughable when she heard that. Already feeling frustrated at the moment, she really could not keep it in when such a person called just to tell her such ridiculous words. It was truly…

Annoying and sickening.

"Senior, I have never been with you—not in the past, not in the present, and not in the future. Also, the children you spoke of—it's truly absurd. They are Ziming's and have nothing to do with you."

Her words were so cold and resolute, causing the person on the other end to fall silent for a long time.

"How's that possible? Have you mistaken something?"

Pei Ge found it ludicrous how the man was still spouting nonsense.

"Mistaken? There's no such thing. I'm very clear on who I was with five years ago. I think it's time for you to think about what exactly happened then properly."

Pausing, a ridiculous thought flashed past her mind.

"You needn't worry about my and Ziming's children. They're indeed his. He's already taken a paternity test. I think you may want to bring Qiao Jingyun's daughter for a paternity test."

The man on the other end immediately denied it. "Impossible! How do you know about it, too?! Did she say something?!"


Her lips curled up into a cold smirk upon confirming her conjecture.

The one who had slept with that woman that night was this guy!

That woman's daughter was his, too!

"Impossible! How could that woman possibly have a daughter?! She clearly gave birth to a son for Ji Ziming! How could we have a daughter together?! That's impossible!"


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