Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1362 I will see how happy you can be once I kill your child.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1362 I will see how happy you can be once I kill your child.

"Impossible! How could that woman possibly have a daughter?! She clearly gave birth to a son for Ji Ziming! How could we have a daughter together?! That's impossible!"

She snorted when the guy refused to believe the truth.

She could not understand what that woman was thinking inside.

Regardless of his thought, she said, "That woman has not slept with your friend even once, so of course she would be unable to give birth to his child. The one you spoke of is mine and Ziming's! She stole him from me!"

At this point, the fingers gripping the phone had turned white from anger.

"How could that be…"

Apparently stunned by her words, the man kept mumbling that in disbelief.

Alas, how could she bother about what he was thinking?

"That woman currently has our child. I don't care whether you have contact with her, but I still hope that you can do something."

With that, she hung up sans another word.

She tilted her head up to look at the blue sky above, feeling extremely frustrated inside.

Qiao Jingyun…

You'd better not hurt my child, or else… I promise to make you… wish that you're dead!

She sucked in a deep breath and was about to return to the living room when she felt a strong pair of arms around her.

"Pei Ge, I'm sorry…"

Ji Ziming's low voice came from behind her.

Although she wanted to say that this had nothing to do with him, when she heard his apology, she was painfully reminded of how much suffering her son had been through these past five years.

Her mind echoed with that little boy's words…

'Does daddy not like me…'

She felt her heart ache whenever she thought of that boy.

What kind of life has my Ping An lived for the past five years…

"I'm sorry… If only I investigated it properly earlier…"

He rested his chin on her head, his voice filled with extreme remorse and bitterness.

She felt her heart soften at his display of fragility.

"…We should first look for our son."

Hearing this, the man's eyelids lowered slightly as his lips curled into a bitter smile.

She still does blame me…

"My people have already found her."

In the next second, she had already pushed him away frantically and was staring at him fervently.

"Where is she?! Quickly bring me there now!"

He nodded, sensing her anxiety.

"Let's go. We'll get our child together."

In a certain, abandoned building.

"Mommy, I'm in so much pain…"

Ji Chi was securely tied to a chair—his arms, legs, and even his neck were bound to it with a rough and thick rope.

He was clearly just a child and only needed to be locked inside a room to prevent him from escaping, yet he still had to be tied as thus.

Simply from the tightness of the rope, one could feel the maliciousness of the person who had done it.


Before he could finish speaking, Qiao Jingyun, who was standing before him, apathetically hit him in the arm with a rod.

The rod was at least as long as a child's arms. It resembled a baseball bat but was not as big.

Despite that, the pain felt when struck by it was no lesser. Even an adult would feel pain from this, so what more of a mere five-year-old?


Hit by the rod, the boy could not help but cry out in pain.

No matter how mature he was for his age or how clever he was, he was still a child through and through.

He was already feeling uneasy enough from being locked up in this dark and cold room, yet he was still experiencing such treatment.

"Why… wu wu…"

The little child's eyes turned red and swollen as he looked at the apathetic woman before him; his heart was in pain.

Even though he knew that his mother did not love him, he was still a child in the end and craved for her affection.



His gaze was slowly devoured by desolation as he looked at her in pain. Numerous thoughts flashed in his mind and, finally, stopped at the sight of Pei Ge's gentle expression.

"Don't call me mommy! You rascal have no right to call me that!"

With that, she dealt him another blow.

Pak! The boy cried out in pain again.

His forehead was peppered with beads of sweat.

"Pei Ge, since you won't let me off, I won't let you have a smooth life, too!"

Watching the child's face turn white from unspeakable pain, a refreshing feeling coursed through her.

Having known in advance that those two were about to find out about this boy's identity, how could she possibly sit by and watch their family reunite?

Anyway… they'll clean me up like trash no matter what, so why can't I let them have a taste of hell before they shove me to it?

"Ha ha ha! What if he loves dearly?! I'll see how you can continue living with him without resentment after I kill your son!"

She laughed maniacally.

The boy was in so much pain that he could not even muster the strength to listen to what she was saying.

Right now, he felt as if he were on the verge of dying…

"Mommy… mom…"

He fell unconscious from the pain while calling for his mother. Only he knew that he was actually calling for Pei Ge and not Qiao Jingyun.

At the same time, Ran Ran, who was in a car rushing toward her brother's location, was also not feeling better.

Perhaps due to being born only slightly apart from the boy, this youngest of the triplets could clearly empathize with her brother's pain…

"Mommy… hurts… It hurts so much… Is little brother about to die? Wu wu wuu…"


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