Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1363 Why did not I realize sooner that my son is still alive?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1363 Why did not I realize sooner that my son is still alive?

"Mommy… hurts… It hurts so much… Is little brother about to die? Wu wu wuu…"

The girl's pain-filled cry startled both her parents.

The two panicked when they saw her face turning white as beads of sweat formed on her smooth forehead.

"Ran Ran, how are you feeling? Don't scare mommy!"

Hugging the child in her arms, she stared at her in a fluster.

As she worried about her precious daughter's weak body being unable to bear with the pain, she was also worried about what was happening to her other son, especially with her daughter being in so much pain.

"Mommy, it hurts a lot… I'm in so much pain… wu wu…"

She felt her heart break as she saw that her daughter was in so much pain she was about to faint and felt even more hate for that woman.

"Baby, tell mommy wh-where you feel pain—"

She choked while asking that to her frail daughter.

"So painful… so painful… Li-Little brother is in so much pain right now… A bad woman is hitting him… so scary…"

Her soft murmuring caused Pei Ge's heart to constrict.

This was the first time she held so much killing intent for someone.

Now, she wished she could teleport to where that woman was to save her son.

"Qiao Jingyun!"

She gnashed her teeth. Her red and moist lips turned white, making her look frail yet resolute.

Ji Ziming, meanwhile, was observing her from the side. His gaze dimmed as he gently put his palm on top of hers.

"Don't panic; I am here."

However, perhaps because she was too angered, she avoided his hands.

"Pei Ge…"

"I am tired right now."

She looked up at him. Sometimes, she was unsure if loving this man was the right decision.

Should she not have met him after all?

If this man did not exist, her child would not be in so much pain…

There would also not be that woman in her life…

"I know that you are angry at me because of Ji Chi, but I am his father. You are worried about him, and so am I."

When he raised his hand and gently put it on top of hers this time, she did not avoid him.

"Don't worry. I promise to you that nothing will happen to our child."

He clear and low voice was akin to a calming spring water as it eased her volatile emotions.

Noting that their daughter had quieted and was no longer crying, she recalled how badly this girl had cried when she was just born.

Even after her successful operation, she would still cry for no reason; she often claimed that it was because she was in pain and feeling uncomfortable.

Remembering it now… perhaps my daughter was feeling her brother's pain even from back then…

What sort of treatment has my son been receiving in the hands of that awful woman?

She felt a terrible heartache coming on every time she thought of this.

"Ziming, I hate it so much. I hate myself for being so careless back then. Why didn't I realize sooner that my son is still alive? Why… didn't I return earlier…"


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