Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1377 It is you who robbed me of everything.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1377 It is you who robbed me of everything.

"Do you know? Though you gave birth to triplets for the Ji family, it's still useless because…"

Following the sound of her voice, her footsteps grew nearer.

Pei Ge's breathing lightened, for she knew that if the other woman found her at this moment…

The consequences would be dire!

It was fine if something happened to her, but her son… Nothing could happen to him…

Thinking up to this, the hands she used to cup his mouth tightened.

As for what that woman was saying… she was not in the mood to listen!

Hence, she was not the least bit interested in the baiting words that woman was spouting.

She knew very clearly how sly the woman was!

"Sigh! Looks like you don't believe my words!"

Qiao Jingyun lightly sighed, speaking as though she were saying this for the other party's good, while she looked around this dark area.

"Still, what I'm saying this time is all true. I'm not lying to you. You'll never be able to marry into that family in this lifetime!"

She smirked as her lips curled up frigidly.

In the darkness, her eyes looked so gloomy and frightening she seemed to be a devil's spawn from the depths of hell, making one's heart be gripped by fear.

Pei Ge's frown deepened as she listened to the other's incoherent muttering, her mind spinning as she contemplated on how she could escape from the latter.

This was especially so because she had the boy, who was badly hurt, with her.

"Do you know? The person I hate the most in this life is you."

The other woman chuckled, her dreary voice full of desolation.

"Where exactly am I incomparable to you? Why is it that you could easily take everything I liked and cared about?"

She felt sorrier for herself when she recalled all the things she had experienced.

Her whole life had been nothing but a joke…

"Why must you exist in my world?! If not for your existence! If not for it—"

Before she could finish speaking, Pei Ge slowly stepped out of the dark corner she was hiding.

"If I didn't exist, your world would still be a huge mess."

She slowly walked away from the darkness, stopping some distance away from where the other was.

"I've never snatched anything from you. Rather, everything of mine was stolen by you.

"My identity, my lover, my child…"

At this point, her eyes flashed with fury.

This woman is truly so selfish. She shifts all the blame onto others but hasn't ever considered the fact that it's all her doing.

As long as she had even a bit of conscience, she would not end up like this now!

"Everything is because you're too selfish and greedy. Honestly speaking, even without me, you still won't be able to get all that you want."

Her words were like sharp knives as they plunged into Qiao Jingyun's heart.

"Pei Ge, shut up! Everything is because of you! If not for your existence, I wouldn't be driven to a dead end!"

She raised her hand, and with a bang, the trigger of the gun was pulled.


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