Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1379 For her son“s sake, she is willing to have her hands covered in blood.
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1379 For her son“s sake, she is willing to have her hands covered in blood.

"I'm not interested to know about your pain; I'm not even surprised that a person like you is suffering!"

She interrupted her, having never hated someone as much as this person.

This woman was selfish and greedy.

Ever since she stole her identity to get close to Ji Ziming, her ending was already predetermined.

Nobody forced her to do what she did, nor was she denied any love.

Everything was her fault, and she caused her downfall.

"I just have one thing to say, and that's: It isn't too late for you to stop now."

It might not be too late for this woman to turn over a new leaf, but the law would still charge her for her crimes.

She pursed her lips at the thought of this.

She was unsure if her son had escaped safely.

He should've gotten away, shouldn't he?

She felt a sense of uncertainty because the structure of this building was too complex.

Even if they found a hiding place earlier with a hole that could let a small child crawl through, she was still worried what kind of place it would turn out on the other end.

"Stop putting on an act here. I know that you're talking a lot because you're stalling for time."

All of a sudden, Qiao Jingyun let out a mocking laughter.

Her face turned ashen when she heard the other's words.

"So what?!"

She tried to suppress the anxiety in her heart as she gave this cold reply. All along, she was trying to reassure herself inside.

It's alright; it's alright. Pei Ge, it'll be alright.

It's been so long. Ping An should be able to leave this place safely.

"Do you think I'm dumb? Since I chose this place, I naturally am prepared. Do you think I'll let you two escape easily?"

The woman chuckled as she removed a remote from her pocket. Smiling, she waved it at her.

"This place is riddled with explosives. I only have to press this button and…"

She purposely paused. Although the room was practically pitch-black, she could see the fear on Pei Ge's gradually paling face.

Seeing fear on the face of the person that she hated the most, Qiao Jingyun only felt happiness.

"Then this place will turn into ruins. You and your son will be buried."

Seeing the fear on the other's face intensifying, the smile on hers became even more pronounced.

"Ha ha! How pitiful! Ji Chi is very unfortunate to be your son! If not for you, he wouldn't have gone through so much pain with me. His father wouldn't have given him the cold shoulder and he wouldn't be dying now at such a young age.

"How unfortunate must he be to have a mother like you?"

The words cut through Pei Ge's heart like daggers.

"Shut up, you crazy woman! Do you have any idea what you're doing?!"

She clenched her fists tightly and her eyes seemed to be spitting fire when she stared at the woman in front of her. Her heart was now overflowing with darkness.

If only she had a gun in her hand, then she would…


Her brows furrowed lightly and stealthily touched her pocket with her uninjured hand.

She remembered Ji Ziming placing something in her pocket when he was tying her with rope earlier on the ground floor.

However, she came too hastily here and did not take note of what it was.

Could it be a weapon?

She anticipated.

It would be great if it was a gun. She had an arms license in America, and because of safety issue, her marksmanship was good with a certain level of experience.

She touched the item in her pocket hopefully.

To her surprise, there was really a mini-gun inside.

Thinking back now, the man did tell her something back then, but as she was in a rush, she did not listen carefully to his words.

He must have told her that he had given her a gun.

She frowned slightly when she saw the still pleased woman was mocking her.

She wanted to settle this woman with one bullet while she was unprepared.

For her son's sake, she was willing to have her hands covered in blood.

As long as her son was able to live, she was willing to sacrifice everything!

"Ask yourself why you chose to trifle with me. You already have Fu Mingxuan, why did you still take Ji Ziming's affection? If you already have Ji Ziming, why did you still take Fu Mingxuan's affection? You keep saying that I'm greedy, but aren't you the greediest?"

Perhaps, she knew that her life would end today, for Qiao Jingyun became exceptionally talkative.

"You're doing so well in New York, so why must you return?! Why must you return?! Don't you already have an outstanding man there! Why did you have to return, causing so much misfortune to befall me?!"


Hearing this woman's words, she suddenly stopped creeping toward her.

Who was the man this woman was talking about?

Could it be Egger? Why would she know of his existence?

Suspicion rose in her heart all of a sudden.

After all, the one who handled the matter of her child's supposed death was that man. If he stole the child, it would not be so easy, either…

Her eyes darkened as she thought of it.

"What man are you talking about? Is it Egger?"

The moment she asked that, Qiao Jingyun suddenly quieted.

"What do you think? I think that—"

Before the latter could finish speaking, they heard the sound of a child falling out of the blue.

This sound attracted both their attention.

"Ha ha! Little guy, it seems that you've been near us all along!"

The other let out a laugh as she tried to go where the sound had come from.

She knew that she could only attack the boy. Therefore, between this woman and her son, she naturally had her eyes on the latter.

Seeing that she was about to move, Pei Ge whipped out her gun without hesitation.

"You stop right there!"



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