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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1380 I only want you by my side.

"You stop right there!"

Pak! Following her shrill bellow, a gunshot was heard.


A moan soon ensued.

The room was dark, and Qiao Jingyun was walking.

Furthermore, since this was the first time she was shooting with her left hand, Pei Ge's shot missed.

Even though it missed, the bullet managed to graze the target's shoulder.

Looking at the blood on her left shoulder, the woman turned to look at her.

"Well done. I didn't expect you to bring a gun."

She shifted her gaze onto the gun in her hand, and upon seeing that the silver gun was merely the size of a grown man's two fingers, she could not help but laugh.

"Ji Ziming truly spent so much effort in ensuring your survival. He even gave you this gun."

Her words were filled with jealousy and mockery.

Pei Ge could not be bothered with this woman's sarcasm and merely looked at her coldly as she kept her finger on the trigger of the revolver.

"I'm offering you advice that my gun doesn't have eyes. If you dare to move, I'll shoot you."

"He he! Are you kidding? Do you think you'll get another chance to fire that at me? Which do you think is faster, your gun or me pressing the on this button?"

She pursed her lips at the woman's words.

This woman was speaking the truth.

If not for the remote in her hand, she would have shot her earlier.

"You know it, too, right? That's why you can't do anything to me."

Qiao Jingyun laughed aloud. "What if he gave you a gun? You and your precious son's lives are in my hands; If I want you both dead, you won't survive!"

Catching the other off guard, she ran away.

Pei Ge clenched her fists when she saw the woman disappearing from sight.

She wanted to follow her out but stopped just before she did.

There was something else in her pocket!

When she was searching for the gun earlier, she felt something else, which was not very big in it.

Therefore, she put her hand back in her pocket.

Truthfully, when she found the gun in her pocket, she regretted that she had not found it sooner.

However, she was also thankful that she did not notice it in advance. If she had shot then, she and her son would have been torn to pieces by the explosives.

She found something that looked like a mini walkie-talkie with the appearance of an earbud.

Her eyes brightened up instantly at what was in her hands.

She quickly turned on the switch when she found it and wore the piece.

An anxious male voice rang in her ear at once.

"Pei Ge, where are you?!"

That aloof voice sounded so anxious at that moment.

"Ziming, I have no idea where I am, either. Listen to me: We're in danger. Qiao Jingyun planted explosives in this building. First, you must evacuate the people on the ground floor; second…"

She sniffed.

"Pei Ge?"

"Second, leave with them."

She was worried that they would be unable to save their child in time and would all die here together.

However, they still had two other children so they could not take the risk.

"Don't worry about me; I'll definitely save our son."

"…What nonsense are you saying?!"

"Really, listen to me: That woman is prepared to die here with me. I don't want all of us to stay here! Other than Ping An, we still have An An and Ran Ran to take care of."

Tears welled up in her eyes as she said that, but she tried to force back her tears to appear less vulnerable.

Just as she finished speaking, no more sound came from the other end.

She removed her earbud, wondering if it was malfunctioning.

In the end, she sensed someone walking toward her from the back.

Before she could turn around, she was pulled into a warm embrace.

She could smell that familiar smell of the man.

"Pei Ge… next time, don't you dare say something like that again."

The man's deep, cold voice sounded near her ears, and there was an unspeakable sense of nervousness and gentleness in it.


Her lips twitched and unabated tears in her eyes.

"Silly, haven't I told you, time and again, that I'll never let you disappear from my eyes again? Be it heaven or hell, I only want you to be by my side."

Those hands were so strong and the voice so determined.

Having been through so much, she could no longer control herself. She turned around and hugged his waist tightly while leaning on his chest.

"I'm very scared…"

No matter how strong she made herself seem in front of her enemies, she was just a little woman inside.

A little woman who was afraid that something would happen to her son and was afraid to die.

"Don't be scared; you still have me."

He gently caressed her hair comfortingly as though he were reassuring a child. His voice sounded so doting.

Even in this dark room, she could sense his gentleness as well as the warmth and security he was emitting.

Listening to his thumping heart, she soon calmed down.

"By the way, that woman planted explosives here; I'm worried…"


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