Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
1382 How can you save him based on your own abilities?
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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire
Author :Song Xixi
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1382 How can you save him based on your own abilities?

Those footsteps sounded unusually clear in the dark…

As they inched closer to where Ji Chi and Qu Jingwan was, they held their breaths and did not dare to make a peep.

The footsteps sounded clearer now in the darkness…

Their hearts were beating wildly as well.

Seeing that Qiao Jingyun was about to reach them, the boy anxiously hid inside a cabinet which was near the young lady.

As careful as he was, the boy still made some noise.

"Who's there?!"

The woman, who was paying attention to any sound of movements, heard the noise made by him.

She quickly walked to where the two were.

Her eyes were quickly drawn to the sight of the pitiful Qu Jingwan, who was still in a kneeling position while tied up.

"Wu wu wu!"

The latter began struggling when she saw the former, trying to cover up for the boy.

Her elbow unintentionally hit the cabinet where the boy was hiding in and it made some noise.

"What now, Miss Qu? Are you unable to take it anymore? Do you want me to let you off?"

"Wu wu wu!"

Qiao Jingyun broke into a cruel smile as she enjoyed the anxious and nervous look on the young lady's face.

"I really didn't expect you, who have always been looking down on me, to end up in my hands."


She laughed and raised her brow when she saw how hard the other was struggling.

"You want to speak? Unfortunately for you, I don't wanna hear your voice at all!"

She scoffed and casually eyed the box next to the woman.

"It's not that I'm saying judging you, but why are you so silly? You clearly know that Ji Ziming doesn't love you and won't marry you ever, but you actually had someone follow when you saw his son being taken by me.

"I really have to give it to you."

She curled the corners of her lips mockingly as a cold glint flashed across her eyes.

"Oh, I understand. Are you thinking that you can marry into his family by saving his son?"

The woman found it ridiculous after hearing it for herself.

"Just give up on that thought! Even if you succeed in rescuing his son, that man only has eyes for Pei Ge."

"Wu wu wu!"

Seeing how agitated Qu Jingwan was becoming, she continued mocking her.

"Do you think that man will care about his son? For god's sake, you're also aware that he has never treated the child nicely.

"Plus, I heard him earlier ordering people to only protect his woman. He doesn't care whether his son survives or not; really, everything'll depend on that child's luck."

The little guy, who had been hiding in the closet, pursed his lips tightly when he heard her words.

Disappointment flashed across his bright yet dark eyes.

"Even his father won't protect Pei Ge's child, so how can you save him with your abilities?"

Seeing the ugly expression on the young lady's face, she continued with her mocking. "That's why stop wasting your effort! I won't let you rescue that boy…"


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